HS Code 0207249001

Russia HS Code of Oschip I Eviscerated Without - 0207249001

Lookup latest Russia HS code of oschip i eviscerated without head and plus legs no cervix heart liver and musk zheludka predstavl kak 73 s turkey not razdel na of fresh or ohlazhd pri nalich litsen vydan komp bodies - 0207249001.

HS Code Product Description
02Meat and food meat sub-products
  0207Meat and edible offal, of the poultry heading 0105, fresh, chilled or frozen
      020724Body not turkeys into pieces, fresh or chilled
          02072490Not turkey meat into pieces, fresh or chilled, plucked and gutted, without head and plus legs, no cervix, heart and gizzards, presented as 73% -s'
             0207249001Oschip.i eviscerated., without head and plus legs, no cervix, heart, liver and musk.zheludka, predstavl.kak 73% -s' turkey not razdel.na of fresh or ohlazhd.pri nalich.litsen., vydan.komp. bodies