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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-010403909300Dairy products with the taste-aromatic. ADDITIVES CONTAINING DAIRY FAT BY WEIGHT 3%, but not more than 6% NOT CONTAIN GMO in the range:: 140g Ermigurt dessert bananas and caramel 3.2% - 96 CDF; Ermigurt dessert 140g raspberry and chocolate 3.2******334649,34*************
2017-09-012202100000NECTARS FRUKTOVYE.OBEM 0,2l. NEKONTSENTRIROVANNYE.CHISLO Brix 12%. Baby food. : Nectar from apples and black currants, clarified nectar Multifruit nectar Apple-Peach Nectar Apple-cherry nectar Apple lightening-BANANA JSC "ABM******564.41602,56*************
2017-09-020803901000BANANAS FRESH "MUSA SP." (ECUADOR)***MONGOLIA806.4371,99*************
2017-09-041905904500Crackers: Crackers "BARON munch" MIXED WITH SALT - 500 drawers .; Crackers "BARON munch" WORLD OF ANIMALS WITH FLAVOR AND CHEESE - 250 crate .; Crackers "BARON munch" From the beginning. CO VC. Banana and strawberry - 50 drawers .; CRACKERS IN THE FORM OF FISH WITH SALT - 300 drawers. __1.0__ average composition: flour PLOGO Ltd. "VIZHER"GEORGIA32503072,23Voronezh**********
2017-09-051806903100Pastry with chocolate filling, packagi. For retail sale of chocolates TM "PUPO" PRUNES glaze doy-pack 200g / 20pcs - 100 pieces; TM "PUPO" DRIED APRICOTS glaze doy-pack 200g / 20pcs - 100 pieces; TM "BANANA REPUBLIC" The Dried bananas***RUSSIA46.12233,98*************
2017-09-052202999900Milkshakes (Milk and dairy drinks) with the addition of flavoring additives containing FAT 2% by weight and, for retail sale: //: milkshake "MIRACLE CHOCOLATE" WHITE 3% 0.2L - 112KOR, COCKTAIL MILK "miracle.. DAIRY "Banana-caramel***RUSSIA7682.77007,42*************
2017-09-050403909100DAIRY PRODUCTS WITH flavored or containing added fruit, nuts or cocoa; A milkfat content at most 3 wt%; Actimel Fermented milk "KIDS STRAWBERRY-BANANA" (FAT 2.5%), 1x100 T; Actimel PRODUCT Sour***RUSSIA141.6478,36*************
2017-09-050403109900Yogurt RANGE CO flavored or added fruit, nuts or cocoa, a milkfat content 8MAS.%. It does not contain GMOs. YOGHURT Fruttis 8% 115GR ABRIKOS Mang / wild berries YOGURT Fruttis 8% 115GR BANANA-SPLIT / Pinakolada J***RUSSIA174.25317,91*************
2017-09-051806903100Pastry with chocolate filling, packagi. For retail sale: CHOCOLATE KONFETY__1.0__ TM "PUPO" Peach glaze doy-pack 200g / 20pcs - 200 pieces; TM "PUPO" PEAR glaze doy-pack 200g / 20pcs - 300 pieces; CANDY "Phoenix" in the eyes of an orangePUPO, Phoenix, BANANA REPUBLICUKRAINE624.83332,98MYTISCHI**********
2017-09-051806903100Pastry with chocolate filling, packagi. For retail sale: CHOCOLATE KONFETYT.M. "PUPO" PRUNES glaze doy-pack 200g / 20pcs - 100 pieces; TM "PUPO" DRIED APRICOTS glaze doy-pack 200g / 20pcs - 100 pieces; TM "BANANA REPUBLIC" Dried bananas into shockPUPO, BANANA REPUBLICUKRAINE46.12233,98MYTISCHI**********

Our banana export data of Russia and market research report covers market priceof banana and market share of Russian companies. This helps you to do market analysis on the basis of price, company, etc. efficiently and gain knowledge on market size of banana in Russia. Few shipment records with a small number of important columns from Russia export data of banana are given above. Other hidden fields such as Russian Exporter Name with Address, Foreign Exporter Name with Address, Value, Quantity, Origin & Destination Country and more are also covered in Russia customs data of banana. To view more shipment records of banana export data of Russia, you can set a filter by Country Name, HS Code and Place.

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