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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-043403990000LIQUID KLYUCH__1.0__: WD-40 aerosol, free of oils obtained from bituminous minerals (contains no ozone depleting substances and alcohol). It serves to facilitate unscrewing bolts, nuts and .T.D. __1.1__ manufacturer -WD-40 MANUFAWD-40NORWAY1.661,84Kirkenes**********
2017-09-043403990000LIQUID KLYUCH__1.0__: WD-40 Aerosol IN 300ML, free of oils obtained from bituminous minerals (contains no ozone depleting substances and ethanol) .SLUZHIT TO FACILITATE unscrewing bolts, nuts and .T.D. __1.1__ the ManufacturerWD-40NORWAY385,26Kirkenes**********
2017-09-057318159009Screws and bolts, with a head, of iron, provided with a thread, without nuts and washers (WITHOUT HEAD RESTRAINT / FLANGE / Burt and pointed ends of the rods without additional structural elements ungrooved / grooves / recesses / holes / notches / PROJECTIONS)MICROSOFTCZECH REPUBLIC0.0010,82PRAGUE**********
2017-09-057318151000THREADED FASTENERS ferrous metal (steel), galvanized, thickness of the rod 4 mm machined from a rod of uniform cross-section. Blunt end of the rod. NO NUTS. BOLTS USED FOR ASSEMBLY LAMPS. Semicircular GOVOVKA with crossesABSENTUKRAINE2.210,16RJaZAN'**********
2017-09-057318157009Hex bolts are steel, tensile strength of 800 MPa, without headrest, flanges, clamps, without further. KONTSTUKTSII ELEMENTS (without nuts) for marine diesel engines 6NVD 48 on the civilian fishing vessel "MERIDIAN-1"WITHOUT A TRADEMARKGERMANY0.324HAMBURG**********
2017-09-057318220009WASHERS OF IRON OR STEEL without thread, is used for secure hold and connect the various elements of designs TOGETHER with bolts, screws, studs and galvanized nuts.ABSENTUKRAINE100249,09Rostov on Don**********
2017-09-057217103900Safety-WIRE CO-1.0 (2017 GV) transverse dimensions 1.0 mm., Of unalloyed low carbon steel it contains 0.2% carbon, not having projections, grooves, uncoated, unpolished, for tightening bolts and nuts FOR TECHNICAL-served basis***PERU0.020,12MOSCOW**********
2017-09-063403199000MEANS FOR GREASE, designed to facilitate the loosening of bolts and nuts, aerosol, not contain ozone depleting VESCHESTVA__1.0__ AGENT FOR GREASE "LIQUID WRENCH" Aerosol 210 ML NOT CONTAIN ozone-depleting substances. BBFMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF100500,82ST PETERSBURG**********
2017-09-123403990000Lubricants (INCLUDING coolant for cutting tools, tools to facilitate unscrewing bolts or nuts Drilling equipment: SOAP LINEN, the damper mass in the form of a paste, which is a 100% sodiumABSENTAZERBAIJAN113.4120Yarag Kazmalyar**********
2017-09-128433900000Parts of machinery or equipment Harvesting or threshing machinery, balers, presses for baling straw or fodder balers; hay; Machines for cleaning, sorting and sizing SET Y-pests INCLUDING bolts with nuts M16 for CREPLA***RUSSIA42.341189,94*************

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