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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012839110000Sodium metasilicate, thinners for ceramic mass is used in the ceramics industry. Thinners for the masses IK FL 1602 MIXTURE OF THIS WATER thinners are added to the clay mass to reduce the humidity of the slip and increase its mobility******197606545,6*************
2017-09-013207201000Engobes are used in the ceramics industry, DOES NOT CONTAIN ethyl alcohol, GROSS WEIGHT KG 1023.00 from the pallet. Engobes for ceramic tile and rollers EN.5, granulated mixture MIXTURE OF THIS WATER engobe is applied to the surface of the cylinder IN PE******1023903,79*************
2017-09-018546200000MEANS FOR PCB manufacturing, heat-conducting substrate, ceramics without metal parts (NOT SCRAP ELECTRIC) NO MILITARY: means for manufacturing printed circuit boards, heat-conducting substrate, CERAMICS B******0.58111,86*************
2017-09-018546200000Electrical insulators CERAMICS: Insulators AI-2820 RP Company "KPO-Elektro" 420******252595,44*************
2017-09-058542399010Monolithic integrated circuits, for the repair of cellular phone brand "NOKIA": MICROCHIP ASIP FUSE + TVS 02 the MASTER, for mobile phone "NOKIA" MODELS X2, 530, metal, ceramics, analog, protecting electrical circuits MICROSOFT MOBILE OY NOKIA MISSING ***RUSSIA00,25*************
2017-09-063214101009UNIVERSAL FLEX Silicone sealant for sealing joints and bonding glass, ceramics, aluminum and other non-porous surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for wet rooms. DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICON ethyl alcohol "REPAIRS TO 100%***RUSSIA180728,4*************
2017-09-072826199000LITHIUM FLUORIDE (LIF) - WHITE POWDER Base substance content 99,99% The P / E banks. Used as a flux when soldering metals, metallurgy, production of glass and ceramics. WASTE NOT, WITHOUT CHEMICALS beyond the expiration date. : GRAZH***RUSSIA1370*************
2017-09-078516797000GLUE GUN ELECTRIC WITH TEMPERATURE SENSOR FOR STICKING WITH HEATING, mains 220V is designed for mounting circuit boards, bonding ceramics, wood, plastics, paper: glue gun, 11mm, 80W - 220V // SPARTA K***RUSSIA11.65109,23*************
2017-09-076806209000MICROSPHERES aluminosilicate (cenospheres) size to 500 microns, used as filler in building materials, ceramics and polymeric materials - 20000 kg established as part of the fly ash COMBUSTION IN STONE WITHOUT A TRADEMARKUNITED KINGDOM2000013123,86LIVERPOOL**********
2017-09-076806209000MICROSPHERES aluminosilicate (cenospheres) size up to 400 microns, are used as filler in the production of building materials, ceramics and polymer materials - 44000 kg: __ 1.0__ MICROSPHERES aluminosilicate formed in Composition***INDONESIA4400032340JAKARTA**********

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