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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-08-012710198200PERFORMANCE supplies: Compressor oils for the lubrication of compressors, multigrade, mineral-based obtained from bituminous minerals, oil content of more than 70% by weight, in cans of 17.78 kg.. Kinematic viscosity at 40 degrees. C 99: 0***RUSSIA88.9258,45*************
2017-08-012710198200Oils for refrigerating machines HA-30. MINERAL refrigeration oils for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors in the 216.5 liter drums (GROSS WEIGHT with pallets 1030.16 kg): OOO "INTESMO" LUKOIL GOST 5546-86 0***RUSSIA900820,95*************
2017-08-082710198200COMPRESSOR lubricating oil for stationary compressor equipment Atlas Copco: OIL ROTO H PLUS in the formation. Cans of 209L. High quality mineral compressor oils specially designed for use in centrifugal compressors***RUSSIA1903553,37*************
2017-08-102710198200PERFORMANCE supplies (bunkering): Compressor oils for the lubrication of compressors, multigrade, mineral-based COMPRESSOR OIL EP VDL 100.:KLASS viscosity SAE 100, kinematic viscosity at 40 degrees. With 100.00 mm 2 / s kinematic viscous st OL: And***RUSSIA53.34158,7*************
2017-08-102710198200Oils compressor, a rotary vane and screw air compressors, MINERAL, CORENA S3 R 46. CONTENT OF OIL as a main component of a 70 wt% .In drums of 209 liters TOTAL 2508 liters. "IN THE SHELL***RUSSIA2176.925974,99*************
2017-08-102710198200Oils compressor, piston air compressors, MINERAL, CORENA S2 P 100.SODERZHANIE oil and petroleum products as the main component of more than 70% by weight. The buckets of 20 liters Total 100 liters. "SHELL INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM CO."***RUSSIA89.9333,69*************
2017-08-102710198200Compressor oils, mineral, REFRIGERATION S2 FR-A 68 REFRIGERATION COMPRESSORS FOR VARIOUS REFRIGERATION, CONTENT OIL as main components more than 70 wt% .In drums 209 LITERS TOTAL 627 LITERS. : SHELL LUB***RUSSIA540.481656,95*************
2017-08-112710198200SYNTHETIC COMPRESSOR lubricating oil containing more than 70% of oils obtained from BITUMEN ROCK, is a major component. DESIGNED FOR HIGH PRESSURE COMPRESSORS BAUER. NOT WAR T NAZNACHENIYA.VSEGO 0.01545 technical assistance with: KIE***RUSSIA15.45357,26*************
2017-08-112710198400OIL HA-30 GOST 5546-86 - 2160 KG VISCOSITY AT 50 ° C - 28 VISCOSITY INDEX - NOT DEFINED, TEMP.VSPYSHKI In OTKR.TIGLE -. 190 ° C, TEMP.ZASTYVANIYA - -38 ° C, acids. NUMBER - 0.02 is used in refrigeration compressors for provisions UNITS AND INDUSTRIAL: SET***RUSSIA21602018,36*************
2017-08-152710198200MOTOR OIL, Four Seasons, designed for lubrication of gasoline and diesel engines, compressors for blurring. Compressor, ON MINERAL. BASED NOT aerosols. PACKING (contains 70% or more OIL OR OIL): MOTOR OIL POLUSINT***RUSSIA1584014877,31*************

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