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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-052804291000Helium, gaseous, compressed, in cylinders 40L VOLUME (0.04M3) -22 PCS, 10 liter (0.01M3) -2 PCS, intended for filling the balloons. Helium cylinders 10 liters of helium cylinders 40 liters of "Gazprom extraction Orenburg" NO 22 LLC "GAZPROM TO***RUSSIA1768861,86*************
2017-09-062804291000GASEOUS HELIUM (compressed) GRADE "B" in Metallic balloons are designed to inflate BALLOONS HELIUM gas in cylinders 40L IN HELIUM gas in cylinders 10L NII KM IN NO TU 0271-135-31323949-2005 10 NII KM NO TU 0271-***RUSSIA548164,22*************
2017-09-072804299000Inert gases, for testing mass spectrometric equipment manufacture of automotive and home light source, CIVIL APPLICATION: RUSSIA high purity Krypton - 965,840 M3 (3370.78 KG), (packed in 96 steel cylinders) ZAO "XO***RUSSIA285538633,6*************
2017-09-072804299000INERT GAS (krypton-xenon mixture) 50 steel cylinders 40 LA COMPOSITION CAPACITY: KRYPTON 90.43% - 93.93%, XENON 5.98% - 7.55% Oxygen 0% - 0.15% Nitrogen Argon + 0% - 0.40% CARBON DIOXIDE 0% methane 0.01%. GAS VOLUME 397.287 m3. Uses: VE***RUSSIA1439.4999521,03*************
2017-09-072845909000Stable isotopes. Silicon enriched stable isotope SI-28 AT LEAST 99.998% AS TETRAFLUORIDE (SIF4), in the form of gas, in steel cylinders, CAS â„– 7783-61-1. FOR USE IN METROLOGY (determination of Avogadro's number). JSC "PA ECP" TU 2100-067-048068***RUSSIA32.78250000*************
2017-09-072804299000INERT GAS - KRYPTON (KR) purity of at least 99.999%, in seamless steel cylinders OMK. 50 A (product â„– 2). : Krypton is used in Illumination (fluorescent lamps, Tungsten-Lebanon more power pulsed light source, ultraviolet lamps,***RUSSIA3873.6860419,95*************
2017-09-082804299000INERT GAS (krypton-xenon mixture) 50 steel cylinders 40 LA COMPOSITION CAPACITY: KRYPTON 90.92% - 94.45%, xenon, 4.1% - 8.97% Oxygen 0% - 0.9% Nitrogen Argon + 0% - 0.76% CARBON DIOXIDE 0% mETHANE 0% - 0.01%. GAS VOLUME 381.727 m3. ISP: OL***RUSSIA1382.0895623,09*************
2017-09-082805409000OTHER MERCURY: MERCURY METAL, MARKS P-1 according to GOST 4658-73, COMPOSITION: 99.999% of the mercury as a liquid silver odorless, in steel cylinders software 34.5 KG. TOTAL 100 cylinders. Ltd. "Merck" P-1 3450***RUSSIA3450106950*************
2017-09-112804291000Helium, a gas, compressed, MARK B, cylinders 40L CAPACITY (0.04M3) intended for filling balloons, Composition: the proportion of helium: 99.99% SHARE OF HYDROGEN: 0.0025%, Nitrogen content: 0.0020% Fraction of oxygen and argon: 0.0006 %, the proportion of CO2 + CO: 0.0010% GEL PERCENTAGE OF GAS***RUSSIA1520.241868,83*************
2017-09-122804291000Helium, gaseous, MARK "A", compressed into cylinders VOLUME 40L., 4 Cylinders, helium gas in aeronautics APPLY TO FILL stratospheric balloon, balloons and TP can also be employed as fillers BALLOONS NEAR helium, GA***RUSSIA240700*************

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