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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-058112992002ARTICLES OF GERMANY monocrystalline (GMO) - PREPARATIONS FOR LENSES, P / N 16781-CGR. SB-alloying elements. [111] orientation. Conductivity type N. RESISTIVITY 5-40 Ohm-cm diameter 17.7 (+0.5) mm, thickness CENTER-4.15 (+0.1) MM RANGE 1 concave***RUSSIA0.14154,7*************
2017-09-058112992002ARTICLES OF GERMANY monocrystalline (GMO) - PREPARATIONS FOR LENSES, P / N 17390A-CGR. SB-alloying elements. [111] orientation. Conductivity type N. RESISTIVITY 5-40 Ohm-cm diameter 28.0 (+0.2) mm, thickness CENTER-2.7 (+0.2) MM RANGE 1 convex***RUSSIA0.3388,2*************
2017-09-128112190000Metal windows for X-ray equipment, which is a windows from beryllium foil round form, passes x-rays. Beryllium content of 99%: 12 mm (+/- 10%), MKM THICKNESS 25 4 MCM / -1 MICRON DIAMETER 12 mm (+/- 10%), SO***RUSSIA04865*************
2017-09-128112992002PRODUCTS FROM GERMANY monocrystalline (GMOs) - PREPARATIONS FOR THE LENSES. Alloying elements - SB. [111] orientation. Conductivity - N. The CHEMICAL COMPOSITION - Germany about 100%, SB <10 ^ (- 5)%. RESISTIVITY 5-40 Ohm * cm, diameter-156.0 (+ 0 / -0.1)***RUSSIA4.066542,26*************
2017-09-128112992002ARTICLES OF GERMANY, THE CIVIL APPLICATION: HARVESTING OF GERMANY (RIMS). GMOs. RESISTIVITY: 5-40 Ohm * cm, the alloying elements - SB. DIAMETER-25.0 (+/- 0.1) mm; THICKNESS OF A-3.0 (+0.5) MM blanks for Germanium lens. GMOs. SPECIFIC RBCU***RUSSIA11230,4*************
2017-09-158112992002PREPARATIONS FOR LENSES AND INGOT FROM GERMANY monocrystalline (GMOs). RESISTIVITY 5-30 Ohm * cm. ALLOY ELEMENT SB-TYPE CONDUCTIVITY-N, [111] orientation. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION ~ 100% germanium, antimony <10 ^ (- 5)%. Cast from Germany. GMOs. DIAMETER - 4***RUSSIA1.432181,99*************
2017-09-188112992002PRODUCTS FROM GERMANY monocrystalline (PLATE ROUND, diameter 115 mm, thickness 6.5 MM CENTER): JOINT STOCK COMPANY "Germany" 10***RUSSIA3.65431,91*************
2017-09-198112992002PRODUCTS FROM GERMANY monocrystalline (GMOs) - PREPARATIONS FOR THE LENSES, WHEELS. SB-alloying elements, [111] orientation. Conductivity type N. WHEELS. FEATURES: Resistivity 5-15 Ohm * cm. Size: diameter-30.00 (+/- 0.050) mm, thickness-7.00 (+0.1***RUSSIA6.9411893,33*************
2017-09-198112992001Tablets compressed metal powder hafnium, 300.1 CG WITH HF 99,61 -99,62%, ZR 0,26 - 0,275%, tablet diameter 35 mm, height 10 mm. : Is used as an additive in the production of special alloys for civilian use***RUSSIA300.1161323,93*************
2017-09-228112997009VANADIUM METAL CONTAINING VANADIUM 99.9% MIN, in the form machined CHIPS GRAY, 60 LENGTH MM MAX, 8 mm wide MAX, 5 mm thick MAX (WEIGHT 243.0 kg); Machined ingot GRAY, diameter 110-115 mm, length: 824***RUSSIA294.143134,47*************

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