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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012931908009Organic and inorganic compounds, etc., etc., PROCHIE- bis (1,5-cyclooctadiene) nickel (0) + 98% (CAS â„– 1295-35-8) (â„– PRODUCT 0,280,900; PARTY 0104/0215/00) - 100 F - 100 glass. PUZYRKOV- YELLOW KRISTALLY- C16H24NI (NOT WASTE, NOT narcotic substances;: NO******0.11383,1*************
2017-09-012931908009Organic and inorganic compounds, etc., etc., PROCHIE- diphenylzinc, 98% (CAS â„– 1078-58-6) (â„– PRODUCT 0,300,100; PARTY 0007/0941/01) - 50 r- 1 glass. Ampoules a P / E TUBE- WHITE KRISTALLY- C12H10ZN (NOT WASTE, NOT narcotic substances; NOT FOR: VETERINARY C******0.051084,75*************
2017-09-052833250000Inorganic compounds (copper sulfate) copper salt of sulfuric ester of the formula CUSO4. Nonvolatile, odorless. Anhydrous substance is a colorless, opaque, highly hygroscopic crystalline hydrates of copper sulfate 100G - TRANSPARENT CRYSTAL non-hygroscopic***RUSSIA612,98*************
2017-09-062931908009Organic and inorganic compounds, etc., etc., PROCHIE- (T BUTILIMIDO) bis (dimethylamino) (cyclopentadienyl) niobium (CAS NUMBERS â„– NO) (â„– PRODUCT 0,410,410; PARTY 0054/0649/00) -47 glass. BOTTLES IN METAL. X BANKS 1000 GR BOTTLES OF EACH packed in: DEPARTMENT***RUSSIA47193265*************
2017-09-072931908009ORGANIC-INORGANIC COMPOUNDS WITHOUT WASTE FOR RESEARCH CIVIL NOT NOT pharmaceutical substances for veterinary tungsten hexacarbonyl (HIM.FORMULA W (CO) 6), CAS 14040-11-0, 99%, PARTY 1/14, white crystalline powder COLORS Oblas***RUSSIA1010300*************
2017-09-082931908009Organic and inorganic compounds: antimony (III) ethoxide, 98% -105.00G. OBJECT â„– 4 seal. NUMBER CAS: 10433-06-4 GROSS FORMULA: C13H33N4TA. APPEARANCE: COLORLESS liquid-2 STEKL.AMP. (Not a medicine and goods DVOYNOGOPRIMENENIYA NOT***RUSSIA0.11588*************
2017-09-082931908009Organic and inorganic compounds: germanium (IV) methoxide, 97% -143.00G. OBJECT â„– 3 seal. NUMBER CAS 992-91-6 Molecular formula: C4H12GEO4. APPEARANCE: COLORLESS liquid-2 STEKL.AMP. (Not a medicine and dual-use goods NOT IN***RUSSIA0.14858*************
2017-09-082931908009Organic and inorganic compounds: TSIKLOGEKSILDIFENILFOSFIN, 98% -108.00G. OBJECT â„– 8 seal. CAS NUMBER: 6372-42-5 Molecular formula: C18H21P. APPEARANCE: WHITE KRISTALLY- 1 STEKL.AMP. (Not a medicine and goods DVOYNOGOPRIMENENIYA NOT FOR***RUSSIA0.11745,2*************
2017-09-082931908009Organic and inorganic compounds other, other, OTHER: xeroform, subst, COMPOSITION. TRIBROMFENOLAT BI, NB .: pharmaceutical substances, NOT FOR VETERINARY NO 1***RUSSIA1103,5*************
2017-09-142931908009Organic and inorganic compounds, etc., etc., PROCHIE- METILTRIOKSORENY, 98% (CAS â„– 70197-13-6) (â„– PRODUCT 0,750,100; PARTY 0054/0660/00) - 1637 T- 1 glass. BOTTLE METAL. BANKE- WHITE KRISTALLY- CH3O3RE (NOT WASTE, NOT narcotic substances; NOT: FOR***RUSSIA1.6440226,75*************

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