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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-021704907500"Toffee" creamy strawberry flavor - sweets with milk Corps, GLAZED, NOT CONTAIN COCOA, GOST 4570-93, SHELF LIFE 5 months, to develop in September and October 2015, 180kgSWEETLIFEUKRAINE180315,11Moksha**********
2017-09-081905906000MINI ROLLS Yashkin, GLAZED TU 9116-006-00356151-2011 FROM VARIETY FLOUR, EGGS, SUGAR WITH DIFFERENT PODSLASCHIVAYUSHIMI filling. Filling. G. 35/69 PCS in 1 Corinthians /. ART.MB422 MINI STRAWBERRY ROLL-3450 PCS.Yashkin-EMBLEMMONGOLIA125233,05Ulaanbaatar**********
2017-09-123302909000A mixture of synthetic fragrances, aldehydes and essential oils, perfume compositions, does not contain alcohol. APPLY in perfumery-cosmetic industry .__ 1.0__: PERFUME SIBERIAN WILD STRAWBERRY_KL / PERFUME SIBERIAN WILD STRAWBERRY. PACKAGED INABSENTUKRAINE1894831,48UZHGOROD**********
2017-09-128112031002RASPBERRY frozen, not containing added sugar, in the Indus. Packing: RASPBERRY EXTRA FROZEN The PERVICHN.UPAK. POLYMER PACKAGING, NET WEIGHT 300 GR, WHOLE -. 100 units per 10 KART.KOROB DATE Manuf.. - 08.2017, TERM STORAGE. - 18 months LLC MTD "VOLOGODSKA***RUSSIA31171*************
2017-09-191905321100Chocolate wafer candy thin wafer sheets, interlined creams FATTY GLAZE coating layer containing cocoa __ 1.0__: - "TIMI" STRAWBERRY-CREAM (R) CG -112.500 (25 KART.KOROB.PO 4.5 KG) DATE MANUFACTURE OF AUGUST 2017, SHELF LIFE 8 MONTHSTIMIAZERBAIJAN112.5165,38KURSK**********
2017-09-201704907100CARAMEL candy not containing cocoa, packed in 1 kg / 6 PCS in 1 Corinthians. / ART. C NK618 fruit filling WITH LEMON FLAVOR, RASPBERRY FLAVOR CO, APPLE-300 PCS.Yashkin-EMBLEMCHINA303388,74Heihe**********
2017-09-218112090002Gooseberry Green frozen, not containing added sugar, in the Indus. PACKAGES FOR ROZN.PRODAZHI: Gooseberry Frozen PERVICHN.UPAK. POLYMER PACKAGING, NET WEIGHT 300 GR, WHOLE -.. The PCS 400 40 KART.KOROB DATE Manuf. - 07.2017, TERM STORAGE. - 18 months LLC ***RUSSIA124364*************
2017-09-221806905009Sweets glazed With a combined body taste "STRAWBERRY", CONTAIN COCOA, GOST 4570-2014, SHELF LIFE 8 months, developed in July-September 2017 320KG: Ltd. "SWEET LIFE" Sweetlife, STRAWBERRY STRAWBERRY 0***RUSSIA320545,64*************
2017-09-221806901900Chocolates, MIXED Scarlet ROZA- 5 CDF / PO 10 KART.UPAK / PO 250 GR 09.17 MANUFACTURED, 9 MONTHS STORAGE //: CHOCOLATE CANDY TM MIKAELLO: CRANBERRY In SHOK.GLAZURI- 3 CDF / 3 kg; SHOK.GLAZURI prunes with walnuts - 3 KOP / 3 kg; prunes***RUSSIA87770,8*************
2017-09-221806901900CHOCOLATE CANDY Jelly STRAWBERRY CO 3 SLIVKAMI- CDF / 3 kg, 07.17 MANUFACTURED, 6 MONTHS STORAGE //: swan SOFT IRIS- 3 CDF / 3 kg, MANUFACTURED 07.17, SHELF 9 MEC NOVELLA jelly TASTE wild berries - 3 KOP / ON 3.5 KG, MANUFACTURED 06.17***RUSSIA50333,34*************

Our nth berry export data of Russia and market research report covers market priceof nth berry and market share of Russian companies. This helps you to do market analysis on the basis of price, company, etc. efficiently and gain knowledge on market size of nth berry in Russia. Few shipment records with a small number of important columns from Russia export data of nth berry are given above. Other hidden fields such as Russian Exporter Name with Address, Foreign Exporter Name with Address, Value, Quantity, Origin & Destination Country and more are also covered in Russia customs data of nth berry. To view more shipment records of nth berry export data of Russia, you can set a filter by Country Name, HS Code and Place.

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