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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-018513100000LANTERN camping MANUAL, MARK KOCMOC, MODEL KOCAC6010LED, PART KOCAC6010LED, for domestic use, operates on two integrated lead acid battery 4B 0,9ACH TYPE Lamps - LED (1 piece - COMPLETE)SPACE***9545349,78Youngman**********
2017-09-018513100000LANTERN camping MANUAL, MARK KOCMOC, MODEL KOCAC6010LED, PART KOCAC6010LED, for domestic use, operates on two integrated lead-acid batteries 0,9ACH 4B, LAMP TYPE - LED (1 piece - COMPLETE) LANTERN MANUAL, MARK KOCMOC,***CHINA9545349,78*************
2017-09-032936270000Ascorbic acid: "ASCORBIC ACID", SUBSTANTSIYA- powder, designed for use in pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of a medicament in a bilayer SREDSTV.UPAKOVANA P / E BAGS 800 KART.KOROBKAH.NE are waste. NOT FOR PRODUCTION Party***CHINA20000194000*************
2017-09-043004900002Medicaments UPAKOV.DLYA retail sale (VED) valparin XP / VALPARIN XR 300 / (valproic acid) TABLETS prolonged. ACTION film coating 300 MG (STRIP) 10x3 (cardboard pack)Valparin, INDIA***678.7649828,97MOSCOW**********
2017-09-043004900002Medicaments, packaged for retail sale, (VED) valparin XP / VALPARIN XR 300 / (valproic acid) TABLETS OF PROLONGED film coating 300 MG (STRIP) 10x10 (cardboard pack)Valparin, INDIA***1633.12153762,11MOSCOW**********
2017-09-042924190000AMIDES acyclic (INCLUDING acyclic carbamates) and their derivatives; Salts of these compounds: CRODAMIDE ER-PW- (HU) - cis-AMID erucic acid (erucamide), CAS â„– 112-84-5, AMID cyclic MAIN CONTENTS VESCH-VA> 98%. Used as a sliding***UNITED KINGDOM300014887,15*************
2017-09-053004900002LEKARSTVEHHOE MEANS Nutriflex 70/240, solution for infusion. CONTAINER. 1500ML.â„–5 (CAMERA WITH AMINO ACIDS SOLUTION electrolyte 750ml, CAMERA dextrose 750ml) FOR CONTAINERS 5 with instructions for use in a carton. .Nutriflex 70/240***2010.95818567,05STPETERSBURG**********
2017-09-053004900002LEKARSTVEHHOE BEING Nutriflex 48/150, solution for infusion (PLASTIC CONTAINERS TANDEMS) 1000ML.â„–5. (CAMERA WITH AMINO ACIDS SOLUTION electrolyte 400ml; CAMERA glucose solution 600ml.) CLASSIFICATION CODE 93 SERIES 5713. 172817601-398 PACKAGES,Nutriflex 48/150***2531.67823400,93STPETERSBURG**********
2017-09-063004900002LEKARSTVEHHOE BEING Nutriflex 70/180 lipids Emulsion for infusion (PLASTIC CONTAINERS Structures) 1875ML.â„–5 (CAMERA SRASTVOROM GLUCOSE electrolyte 750ml;. CAMERA WITH AMINO ACIDS SOLUTION electrolyte 750ml; CAMERA fatliquorNutriflex 70/180 LIPID***8203.9577885,38STPETERSBURG**********
2017-09-063004900002MEDICINES, for retail sale, ointment for external use: "In Viprosal" (Camphor + salicylic acid + Turpentine oil + POISON ASP) (ALUMINUM TUBES) 30G. â„–1, QTY 30 238 UP. SERIES: 820 417, 830 417 valid until 04.2020"In Viprosal" ESTONIA***1330.47277776,86MOSCOW**********

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