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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-042842908000Inorganic acid salts: ammonium sodium phosphate dibasic tetrahydrate (CAS â„–7783-13-3), Cat. 250g ART. 71283-250G-2 units to be used as laboratory reagents. : SIGMA-ALDRICH SIGMA-ALDRICH 0***JAPAN0.636,13schnelldorf**********
2017-09-052835390000Ammonium polyphosphates, inorganic polymers branched structure - ammonium salt of polyphosphoric acid, APPEARANCE WHITE POWDER. Used in the manufacture of plastics, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, polyester, fire retardant paint AS Khimich***CHINA4900090160*************
2017-09-052835390000Ammonium polyphosphate APP201-36T, APP101-3.6T. CHEMICAL FORMULA (NH4 PO3) N (N> 1500). It is a crystalline, fine white powder, no odor. UPAOVAN in 25 kg bags. APPLICATIONS: flame retardant in the manufacture of paints. : WELLCHEM***CHINA3960067346*************
2017-09-068424100000Fire extinguisher refilled, new, not for military purposes: 2kg POWDER TANK, TANK RED, WITH HANDLE AKTVIATSII extinguishers and CONTROL UNIT LIFE (PRESSURE SENSOR). POWDER extinguishing agent: TWO ammonium phosphate (NH4) 3P***CHINA2.59,56*************
2017-09-073105300000Diammonium hydrogenorthophosphate (diammonium phosphate)ERBSLOH***18508914,13Geisenheim**********
2017-09-073105300000Diammonium hydrogen phosphate: processing aids ERBSLE WCT used in food industry as a nutrient for the yeast during the fermentation of wort in powder formABSENT***24004270,1GEISENHEIM**********
2017-09-083105300000Diammonium hydrogen phosphate: processing aids ERBSLE WCT used in food industry as a nutrient for the yeast during the fermentation of wort in powder formABSENT***24004274,04GEISENHEIM**********
2017-09-082835390000Ammonium polyphosphate, CAS â„–68333-79-9, used for the production of refractory coatings in the chemical industry is NOT a food additive: AMMONIUM POLYPHOSPHATE II - small loose white powder in 25 kg sacks, HENAN FOREMOST CHEM CO, LTD Otsu.***CHINA2400042681,89*************
2017-09-083816000000DENTAL MATERIALS packing, MOLDING: SILIKAN (TYPE MEDICAL PRODUCTS - 119570): Order No. 4521120 - 150 Cat. 5 kg, Order No. 4,521,130 -. 50 pack. 10 kg, COMPOSITION. SILICA - 8o%, magnesium oxide - 15% ammonium phosphate - 5%, ETILOVOG******13252485,26*************
2017-09-102920290000DIBUTILDITIOFOSFAT AMMONIUM (DITHIOPHOSPHATE BA) CHEM. Formula: (C4H9O) 2PSSNH4 - collecting agents and reagent-blowing agent for use on an ore-dressing plant in flotation (OBOGOSCHENIYA) non-ferrous ores. PRESENTS: GSS***CHINA1200036024,41*************

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