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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-058479899708Mechanical devices, having individual functions: bar feeder, complete with a set of collets and pushers set for BAR diameter of 5 to 32 mms, for delivery of the metal bar round in automatic lathes Cutters in a given***TAIWAN CHINA4402370,36*************
2017-09-058458114109HORIZONTAL METAL-spindle automatic lathe with numerical control: Horizontal turning single-spindle automatic lathes, SERIES G-32HA, with fixed Spindle "grandmas" COMPLETE WITH POWER transfomers for turning-DF***TAIWAN CHINA126020612,2*************
2017-09-0790321020002734185 THERMOSTAT ASSEMBLY -20SHT ISPOLZUYUETSYA as an automatic temperature control of the control cabinet MACHINE 240V AC, 30W MAX, electrons are used as components for assembly LATHES STH310 ECOLINE, STH510 ECOLIN: E,***POLAND1.18245,11GRASSOBBIO**********
2017-09-088537109900CONTROL BARFIDEROM RAY326 RULES BARFIDEROM CNC lathes (enable and disable the feed, in manual and automatic modes). CONNECTED TO BARFIDERU WIRE ON VOLTAGE 220V,: DALIAN HAISEN MACHINERY CO, LTD, HAISEN RAY 326 3..***CHINA2.7900,32*************
2017-09-128458118000Horizontal lathe with numerical control, NOT MULTI NOT automatic lathes, it delivers a partially exploded view for easy transport HORIZONTAL Lathe CNC QUICK TURN 200MA LG (1000U) Lathe***CHINA16980320547,31*************
2017-09-138458190000Metalworking machinery. Lathes HELD FOR BALL brass water fittings. Equipped with an electric engine on NAPR.380V TURNING STANKI- automatic lathes. DESIGNED FOR WATER SUPPLY F VYTACHIVANIYA***CHINA880049500*************
2017-09-138466937000Parts and accessories of machines of heading 8456-8461, OTHER: Bars SHOP BF-65C is designed for automatic loading SHORT bar stock up to 1250 mm long and up to 65 mm diameter, for lathes GOODWAY SERIES GA "GOODWAY MACHIN***TAIWAN CHINA4006525,21*************
2017-09-188483402309The gear clamping units for automatic horizontal lathes Longitudinal turning NOMURA - MOUNTED FOR TOOL FRAME (caliper) of the machine with 4 screws and is designed for a constructive Geared tool block P***JAPAN147514,42*************
2017-09-188537109900Handheld unit clamping units Automatic Horizontal Lathes Longitudinal turning, NOMURA, HA HAPRYAZHEHIE 12B NEW CONNECTED TO RACK MACHINE OPERATOR WITH patch cables and is designed for environmental management***JAPAN1.7849,56*************
2017-09-228458114909HORIZONTAL automatic lathes Multi-spindle CNC Swiss Turning, CIVIL PURPOSE IS PROVIDED ASSEMBLED FOR TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES: Automatic Lathe CNC Swiss Turning. In FITMENT C accordance with Appendix 1 K***SWITZERLAND2325308480,78*************

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