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DATE HS_CODE Product Description Country Gross Weight Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-01-248438809900Catering equipment, the table (STA) bread "AYRKING", INTENDED FOR FOOD breading (chicken, chicken Semis) and sieving breading. 1: Breading STATION "AYRKING" BBSU8132 COMPLETE, WITH AChina2832228426.387184764HESHAN**********
2017-01-268438809900Catering equipment, the table (STA) bread "AYRKING", INTENDED FOR FOOD breading (chicken, chicken Semis) and sieving breading. 1: Breading STATION "AYRKING" BBSU8132 COMPLETE, WITH AChina2832228426.399802977HESHAN**********
2017-01-318471900000READER PROXY card and key fob 125 KHz, combined with the keyboard. 500 USERS NAPR.16V, AYC TYPE ART. AYC-E60N - 1 UNIT:Lithuania0.270.24396.875RIGA**********
2017-01-318471900000READER PROXY card and key chain, combined with the keyboard. ART SERIES AYC. AYC-G64 - 1 UNIT:Lithuania0.320.28156.57142857RIGA**********
2017-01-060808108001Fresh apples (MALUS DOMESTICA) From January 1 to March 31 GRADE AYDARED.KALIBR 60+, packed in wooden crates for food, OVERALL GROSS WEIGHT 22400KG.Moldova Republic22010205000.42MOSCOW**********
2017-01-052105009100Ice cream with milk fat content not less than 4% and not more than 7%, NOT CONTAIN GMO, DAIRY CREAM with gentle coconut pulp and coconut milk, glazed, ART. AY05H BTY ICE BAR 14 * 6 * 39.1G - 210 CDF. -689,640 KG GROSS WEIGHT from the palletFrance886.2689.645.489182762REICHSTETT**********
2017-01-060302853000DORADO AYPATA (SPARUS AURATA), in the carcass, cooling, unskinned, with the head, gills, tail, fins, for storing and selling, one pallet WEIGHT 20.00 kg. TOTAL WEIGHT PALLET 300.00 kg. GROSS WEIGHT with pallets 10800.00 kg. DATE OF PRODUCTION 05.Turkey1050075163.6172219266UMURLU**********
2017-01-090407110000KITS hatching eggs of chickens (GALLUS GALLUS L.) breeding lines ARBOR AYKRES ML, FL -300 kit (108510 pcs.) To produce 31,200 chickens and 4,800 eggs: chickens PETUHOV.- HOME (GALLUS domesticus) tribe, fertilized for incubation, fresh.France7377705311.946251241CHAMPTOCE SUR LOIRE**********
2017-01-100808400000Quince FRESH "EKMEK AYVASI"; . CLASS 1, 2016 HARVEST, for human consumption; TOTAL WEIGHT GROSS WEIGHT WITH REGARD pallet 64550KG. 11768 is packaged in a plastic box with 78 pallets.Turkey62990595901Gelendzhik**********
2017-01-102204213800CAMINA AIREN SEMIDULCE (FIREPLACE Ayren semisweet) Wine natural high quality (protected appellation of origin, DO) white semi QUIET, 2016 ALCOHOL 12% vol., MAR. 18-45 g / l. 500 CDF. BUT ON 6. EMK. 0.75 L. ALLSpain360034701.177023054813530 SOCUELLAMOS**********

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