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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-010307499800CLASSIFICATION CODE: SQUID 6550. 92 (DOSIDICUS GIGAS) dried, salted, processed, no spices, packaged in bags of a polymeric material, suitable for human consumption, in the rangenot designated***10657.538367VLADIVOSTOK**********
2017-09-020305599000FISH stavridki (DECAPTERUS MACROSOMA), Salted and dried, not smoked, gutted without a head. The goods are intended to be sold in the wholesale and retail NETWORKS AS FOOD, ready to eat. It does not contain GMOs. Packaged in plastic bags software:ABSENT***196011745NOVOROSSIISK**********
2017-09-041202410000Raw peanuts, unshelled (shelled), unsalted, unroasted OR PREPARED IN ANY OTHER WAY. It is grown without the use of GMO / GMO-derivatives. Packed in bags of approximately 30 kg / NET. Core size 9/11. TOTAL - 600 bags.ABSENT***1800027823,4ST PETERSBURG**********
2017-09-071905905500Prepared foods obtained by extrusion dough from potato flakes and starch: potato salted snack with content, taste, aromatic additives, free of GMOs, for retail sale in plastic bags 18RAINBOW***222.3361890,03ST PETERSBURG**********
2017-09-092008119100Roasted peanuts, salted 2%, DOES NOT CONTAIN genetically modified organisms. FRACTION 38/42. Vacuum packed in bags weighing 12.5kg and stacked ON 2 pieces in a cardboard box - TOTAL 1 680 972 116 BOX OKPABSENTCHINA42000100670,79QINGDAO**********
2017-09-110305542000Salted and dried anchovy, OBEZGLAVLENNAYA.NEPOTRASHENAYA. Latin name ENGRAULIS. PROCESSED ARE FREE OF SPICES. Ready to eat food. NOT FOR BABY FOOD. Packed in cartons of 10 plastic bags of 1 kg in each box.VKUSNEK***510027636,63HOSHEMIN**********
2017-09-121905905500SALTED SNACK from rice flour "JAPANESE snack" KAKINOTANE "In Polypropylene bags - 420 packages that are not GMO CONTAINS, for human consumption.NANIWAYA***86.4504ORIENTAL**********
2017-09-120802510000Pistachios in the shell are not salted, unroasted "FANDOGI" PARTY NET - 17250.000 KG GROSS - 17353.500 kg. Packaged in 345 P / P bags of 50kg net 50.3 kg gross weight. WITHOUT GMO.ABSENT***17250144996,57Tsimlyansky**********
2017-09-200305599000Salted and dried fish: PIKE VIEW ESOX LUCIUS, processed, no spices, beheaded, gutted, NOT FROZEN. It does not contain GMOs. Suitability for human consumption. TOTAL 315 boxes. In plastic bags of 1 kg * 10pcs / box. Put up for retailnot designated***3197.2511190,38VLADIVOSTOK**********
2017-09-200305539000Salted and dried fish. Blue whiting (FAMILY GADIDAE), processed, no spices, beheaded, gutted, NOT FROZEN. It does not contain GMOs. Suitability for human consumption. Only 650 boxes. In plastic bags of 1 kg * 10pcs / box. Not put up for Pnot designated***6597.523091,25VLADIVOSTOK**********

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