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DATE HS_CODE Product Description Country Gross Weight Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-01-103916905000FINISHING MATERIALS FROM PLASTIC: Baguette INTERIOR, MATERIALS MANUFACTURING - Polystyrene, ARE SHAPED Picture battens RECEIVED extruded polystyrene foam, have a constant cross-sectional shape along the entire length.Estonia820582052.2709872029PETERSBURG**********
2017-01-171101001500WHEAT FLOUR (SOFT) FOR BAKING PRODUCTS (French baguette) in 25 kg bags, NET WEIGHT ACCEPTABLE CHANGES DURING TRANSPORTATION depending on the humidity of 1%, 92 CLASSIFICATION CODE 9310. NOT CONTAIN GMOs.Belgium67360666600.39487758776MOSCOW**********
2017-01-113916905000Profile shapes (baguette) C POROUS STRUCTURE MADE BY EXTRUSION, have a continuous cross-sectional shape, painted in different colors, but not subjected to other processing, made of polystyrene. LENGTH OF 2.9 METERS. INTENDEDChina80577304.12.7473555948NINGBO**********
2017-01-124409291500Wooden baguette (BAR) picture frame moldings, painted and treated by antiseptic hardwood TREE Agios. Method of manufacturing planed, without end SOEDINENIY.NE for parquet or wood floor.Serbia919086495.4016753382PETERSBURG**********
2017-01-213924900009SPONGES FOR WASHING THE BODY OF THE NET "ROSE", "Sphere", "Baguette" (100% polyester), In 1831 boxes. CLASSIFICATION CODE: 22, 9310, in the range:China6355.95849.123.7267349618NINGBO**********
2017-01-231905909000BAKERY PRODUCTS, FROZEN, baguettes and butter C Green 2SHTH175G per unit., ART. 562694/183750001002 - 4800 pcs, packed in 400 CDF CLASSIFICATION CODE 911 500 GROSS With pallets 3550.20 kg..Germany3200.22973.62.1306127253JANICKENDORF**********
2017-01-231905909000BAKERY PRODUCTS, FROZEN, baguette with garlic butter PK IN 2SHTH157 G. ART. 562695/183756001002 - 19800 Upack In 1650 CDF.. CLASSIFICATION CODE 911500, GROSS WEIGHT with pallets 8309.40 kg.Germany7484.469902.0888583691NUTHE URSTROMTAL**********
2017-01-231905909000BAKERY PRODUCTS, FROZEN, baguettes with butter and with green 2SHTH157G per unit., ART. 183750001002 - 4800 Upack 400 CDF CLASSIFICATION CODE 911 500, the pallet GROSS WEIGHT KG 2014.40,...Germany1814.41714.42.0932454503NUTHE URSTROMTAL**********
2017-01-253916905000OTHER ARTICLES OF PLASTICS: Products from polyaddition products: Baguette PVC rectangular cross-section, of various colors. The Lengths 2.9m. TOTAL: 21939 pieces / 220 cartons / 63,623.1 meters. Made from a polymer of styrene. statesChina891084901.9747738516NINGBO**********
2017-01-303916905000PROFILE SHAPES (baguette) polystyrene surface treated without further processing, TOTAL 29533.60 M., the length of each profile according to 2.9 M.Korea People's Demokratichrespubl98009309.52.1597991299Busan**********

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