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DATE HS_CODE Product Description Country Gross Weight Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-01-167616999008SEALING RING B / N 9560152330: Aluminum alloy (Aluminum 94.7%, copper 4.0%, magnesium 1.3%), stamped with further lathing (SOLUTION burrs and SHEREHOVATOSTEY) unthreaded Unlabeled uncoated ITEM TOGermany0.1230.0817666.75HAMBURG**********
2017-01-148208900000The cutting blade is used for mechanical appliances SNIYATIYA burrs, STEEL, WITHOUT CONTENTS DRAG.METALLOVCzech Republic10294.863.3620071685PETERSBURG**********
2017-01-249603500009OTHER brushes constituting parts of machines: Brush Deburring (PURPOSE - BRUSH cleaning surfaces from rust and burrs MACHINES FOR scalers rotary type, material: base metal, bundles of metal wires) ART.071469 11-20Switzerland3.1532.76615.694143167EKATERINBURG**********
2017-01-248707909001NEW CABIN FOR ASSEMBLY OF LOADING OF MOTOR VEHICLES OVER COMMON MAN 20 (T), welded metal construction PREDST.SOBOY trimmed FROM burrs and welding slag, coated with a layer of primer. After stripping, Caulking and paintingGermany526.06351026.887137255TOMILINO**********
2017-01-267205290000POWDER (fraction) of ferrous metals used in blasting and shot shooting Installations for Surface preparation and cleaning up of rust and burrs, different size and composition, packed in polyethylene bags of 25 kg on a palletGermany905290001.0417755556bad friedrichshall**********
2017-01-268479899708DEVICE flash trimming EXPLODED VIEW FOR TRANSPORTATION. INTENDED debarring BANKS IN THE MANUFACTURE OF PHYSICAL 0,5KUB.DM. Comprising: supply unit - BANKS FILES Machining to the cutting node; Cutting unit - remove burrs With cans. PChina27024038.098125MANCHURIA**********
2017-01-317326909409PRESSED METAL PRODUCTS FOR USE WITH SERIES Dental compressors DK. Stamping OBTAINED AFTER that have undergone surface treatment in order to remove burrs AND OTHER DEFECTS BY PRE-FORMINGSlovakia0.020.0122Piestany**********

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