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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012523290000PORTLAND CEMENT M-500 are packed in the P / P BAGS (BIG RUN) superlattice. GROSS IN 1499.76 kg in each, MANUFACTURING DATE JULY 2015, without mineral additives, the colored, gray is used for construction purposesABSENTIRAN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF3100000171532,72Amirabad**********
2017-09-013214900009Dry mixes for construction purposes based on cement FOR THE PREPARATION OF SURFACE BUILDINGS FROM SOSTOYASHIE Portland cement 20-30%, quartz and dolomite FILLERS 70-80%, 1% other additives, PLASTER TYPE "ATLAS ZT" (ZAPRAWA TYNKARSKA) 25kg-126BUM:. Paquet***POLAND3150373,43*************
2017-09-013214900009DRY non-refractory CONSTITUTING cement-sand mixture, containing polymer modifying additives for construction and repair work in the building: DRY CONSTRUCTION adhesive mixture based on cement (Portland cement 40%, KVAR***POLAND180001841,37*************
2017-09-013214900009DRY BLEND (adhesive) for securing the styrofoam PROFIT, represents a sand-cement mixture contained POLYMER ADDITIVES (WEIGHT PALLET-3 pcs / 32.50KG) ADHESIVE FOR GRAY styrofoam PROFIT 25kg PCB. UP. COMPOSITION PORTLAND CEMENT - 20%; qUARTZ SAND***POLAND3550437,51*************
2017-09-013824509000Dry mixes for structural non-cement-based adhesive mortar FOR by adding water, consisting of Portland cement 20-50%, quartz and dolomite FILLERS 50-80%, 1-10% other additives: a mixture of masonry TYPE "ATLAS: ZM"***POLAND136502118,15*************
2017-09-023214900009DRY non-refractory CONSTITUTING cement-sand mixture, containing polymer modifying additives for construction and repair work in the building: DRY CONSTRUCTION Frost-resistant adhesive mixture based on cement (PORTLANDTSEM***POLAND408004424,37*************
2017-09-023214900009MIXTURE, DRY FOR caulking (FAA) based on cement, not used as a phosphor in BUM.UPAK. "FUGA ATLAS ARTIS" FAA Violet 2 KG ATLAS ARTIS. Composition: blend of white Portland cement - 70%; Quartz sand - 15%; METILOTSELLYULOZY -5%; NEORGAN***POLAND1031,57*************
2017-09-042523290000Portland cement CEM I 42,5N (CEM I 42,5N) IN EN 197-1: 2011. 118 is packaged in the Bag AVG 1500 CG - NET, 1506 CG - GROSS, WHERE P 3540 / P 50 kg bags And In 1539 BIG / a bag AVG 1500 CG NET, 1503 CG - GROSS. GENERAL PARTYABSENT***2485500108213,97Amirabad**********
2017-09-042523210000WHITE PORTLAND CEMENT, MARK CEM I 52,5R (1-500-D0), according to the standard EN 197-1: 2011: -1000 SLINGBOKSOV, each stacked on 40 Multiply paper bags, wrapped by shrink film and rafters tape, NET WEIGHT 1 th BAG WITH REGARD TO PRIMARY InCIMSA***4000000380000NOVOROSSIISK**********
2017-09-043214900009DRY MIXES "ATLAS" on the cement-sand BASIS OF BUILDING (non-fillers):: READY MIX DRY GROUT (narrow 1-6MM) in the coating of ceramic tiles (mixture of Portland cement, silica sand, METILOTSELLYULOZY), "ATLAS FUGA ***POLAND1686511418,57*************

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