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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-013403110000Fatliquor for automotive leather based on the combination of polymer, synthetic and natural softeners (does not contain ethyl alcohol): "PRINOL F-GB" (358,699) -2100KG with a content of 30-50% mass fraction of water, 10-20% mass fraction sulfonate LARDOVOGO MABSENTGERMANY22053705,76Lahnstein**********
2017-09-013403910000Fatliquor CONTAINING lanolin, FOR ALL TYPES OF LEATHER (NOT CONTAIN ETHYL ALCOHOL NOT aerosol): "PROVOL 100" (205399) -500KG with a content of 25-50% mass fraction of water (CAS â„–7732-18-5) , 10-25% mass fraction of lanolin (CAS â„– 8006-54-0), 1-5% MASSABSENTGERMANY5281019,37Lahnstein**********
2017-09-013403910000Fatliquoring agent for clothing, furniture LEATHER AND OTHER Nappi (does not contain ethyl alcohol): "PROVOL BA" (250627) -1300KG with a content of 40-60% mass fraction of water, 25-25% mass fraction of lecithin, 10-20% mass fraction BUTANEDIOIK acids, sulfonic, S10-18-ABSENTGERMANY13701830,74Lahnstein**********
2017-09-013403910000MEANS FOR FAT SKIN TREATMENT. ARE FREE OF OIL AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. "SYNTHOL YY 707" - the mixture was emulsified natural and synthetic oils for softening leather (-45% EMULSION OIL, WATER, 55%) -2800KG (20BOCHEK IN 140kg) .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer - "TZ "SMIT & ZOON"NETHERLANDS28004594,5ROTTERDAM**********
2017-09-013403910000MEANS FOR FAT SKIN TREATMENT. ARE FREE OF OIL AND PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. DO NOT CONTAIN ethanol. DO NOT SPRAY. "SYNTHOL WP" - (emulsified SYNTHETIC OIL FOR LEATHER 45%, water 55%) -1400KG (10 DRUMS IN 140kg) __ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer - "SMIT & amTZ "SMIT & ZOON"NETHERLANDS14002613,58ROTTERDAM**********
2017-09-013403110000Fatliquoring means for processing the leather obtained from bituminous minerals (containing less than 70% ACTIVE MATTER) do not contain ozone depleting substances and alcohols: __ 1.0__ COMBINATION of natural and synthetic fatty substances: 2 CONTAINER IN 950 (CG), in"TFL"***19003440,96RJaZAN'**********
2017-09-013403910000Fatliquoring means for processing leather, do not contain oil and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, do not contain ozone depleting chemicals and alcohols: __ 1.0__ oil based on a combination of natural and synthetic fatty substances: 1 container according to 10"TFL",***10001868,71RJaZAN'**********
2017-09-013403910000NATIVE fatliquor FOR SKIN special softness, apply in the leather industry equipment AS FOR CHROME LEATHER OR COMBINED FOR TANNING (does not contain ethyl alcohol aerosol): "ENSUL AM 80" (444 621) -260 KG, CONTAINING 10ABSENTGERMANY274505,28Lahnstein**********
2017-09-013403110000SYNTHETIC LEATHER FOR fatliquor with very good lightfastness and resistance to the influence of heat, as well as good resistance to the influence of electrolytes, based on a combination SPECIAL anionic emulsifiers and synthetic oils (NOT SODERZHITETILOVABSENTGERMANY411549,22Lahnstein**********
2017-09-013406000000Wax candles from the stand without supports, in sets and pieces of festive, not flavored, HELD FOR INTERIOR ROOM. 3780 PIECES IN CARDBOARD 79 KOROBKAH__1.0__:. __1.1__ manufacturer -GUANGZHOU LANGLI LEATHER CO, LTD brand denote -NOTnot designatedCHINA1268.91901Ningbo**********

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