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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-042923200000Phosphoaminolipids: L-A-phosphatidylcholine from soybean (CAS â„– 8002-43-5) Cat. ART IN 100mg. P7443-100MG-2 pcs per pkg. 25 g, Art. P3644-25G-1 units, to be used as laboratory reagents. ARE NOT DRUG AND Pharmaceuti. : SUBSTAN***JAPAN0.06292,34schnelldorf**********
2017-09-062923200000"LIPOID P 20" (defatted soy lecithin (GMO) With 20% of phosphatidylcholine). As a fine powder of a light yellow-brown TSVETA.CAS-ROOM-8030-76-0. 10 of the carton 20 kg in 1 pallet. Used in cosmetic PROMYSHLENNOSTI.NE pieces: PC***GERMANY2002747,39*************
2017-09-112923200000Lecithin and phosphoaminolipids "EMULMETIK 930" - soy lecithin. CHEM. Composition: Phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) 92-100%, 3% lysophosphatidylcholine, OTHER PHOSPHOLIPIDS 2% 2% Other oils, water up to 0.8%. LIGHT YELLOW FLAKES, WITH CHARACTERISTIC ODOR. APPLICATION: "EMULMETIK***FRANCE2.51059,89*************
2017-09-142923200000Phosphoaminolipids: L-A-phosphatidylcholine (CAS â„–8002-43-5) Cat. 1g ART. P3556-1G-1 units, to be used as laboratory reagents. ARE NOT DRUG AND Pharmaceuti. Substances. NOT FOR VETERINARY. ARE FREE: ETHYL JV***UNITED STATES0.01293,48*************
2017-09-192923200000Phosphoaminolipids: L-A-lysophosphatidylcholine (CAS â„–9008-30-4), Cat. ON 25mg, ART. L0906-25MG-2 units to be used as laboratory reagents in research. ARE NOT medicines and pharmaceutical substances. : NOT DL***JAPAN0.02248,12schnelldorf**********
2017-09-222923200000Soya lecithin "LIPOID S-20" (LOW FAT LECITHIN soybean phosphatidylcholine content 20%) as fine powders light yellow TSVETA.CAS-NUMBER-8030-76-0. 10 cartons of 20 kg in 1 PALLETE.PRIMENYAETSYA in the cosmetic industry. : LIPOID***AUSTRIA2002115,19*************
2017-09-272923200000Pharmaceutical substances: lipoids C100 (Phospholipids) Active ingredient - phosphatidylcholine SUBSTANCE sterility (Double PACKAGES POLYETHYLENE / PACKAGES FROM ALUMINUM FOIL) 5 KG. - 20 PCS. (100,000 kg.): Light yellow lumps WEIGHT, SOLID***GERMANY10020932,02*************
2017-09-272923200000Pharmaceutical substances: lipoids PPL-400 SUBSTANCE (STEEL DRUMS) 50 KG. - 50 PCS. (2500.000 kg.) COMPOSITION - Phospholipids polyunsaturated OF Soy lecithin [phosphatidylcholine 73-79%, phosphatidylethanolamine not more than 7%, tocopherol 0.2-0.5% Lipids: NO***GERMANY2500186259,51*************
2017-09-282923200000Lecithin and phosphoaminolipids, DO NOT FARM. Substances not LEKRSTVENNOE CP IN, NOT FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE WILL Execu. The LAB ZAO "BIOCAD" ,: lecithin (LECITHIN), soy lecithin is a mixture of phospholipids comprising phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidyl ETHANOL***UNITED STATES0.1542,48*************
2017-10-032923200000Soya lecithin "LIPOID S-20" (LOW FAT LECITHIN soybean phosphatidylcholine content 20%) as fine powders light yellow TSVETA.CAS-NUMBER-8030-76-0. 5 cardboard boxes of 20 kg per 1 PALLETE.PRIMENYAETSYA in the cosmetic industry .__ 1.0__:ABSENT***1001069,2*************

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