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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-013815909000Reaction initiator - HARDENERS, INTENDED FOR car repair, in cans, NOT CONTAIN ETHANOL, GROSS WEIGHT KG with pallets 2739.08: 4076 ACTIVATOR FOR PAINT FOR 1L, HIM.SOSTAV: n-butanol 25-35% 1-methoxy-2 propanol 15-20%, xylene***GERMANY2515.0629413,62*************
2017-09-013815909000Reaction initiator - HARDENERS is designed for car repair, in cans, ARE FREE OF ETHANOL, GROSS WEIGHT with tray 12.42 kg: Hardeners for flooring materials of 0,04L, HIM.SOSTAV: dibenzoyl PEROXIDE 70.00 - <80.00% ethanediol 15,00***GERMANY10.4425,73*************
2017-09-022847000000Hydrogen peroxide are not prilling. It intended for use in organic synthesis as a reaction initiator AND AT detergent industry as a bleaching agent. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAS 7722-84-1 (HYDROGEN PEROXIDE), CO***FINLAND221039194,3*************
2017-09-022847000000Hydrogen peroxide are not prilling. It intended for use in organic synthesis as a reaction initiator AND AT detergent industry as a bleaching agent. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CAS 7722-84-1 (HYDROGEN PEROXIDE), CO***FINLAND220969191,38*************
2017-09-023815909000Catalysts, not elsewhere specified or included: OMNIRAD 500 (FORMER IRGACURE 500) - photoinitiator REACTION UV polymerization of monomers, yellowish liquid, NOT contains ethylene. ALCOHOL. Composition: 50% - benzophenone, 50% - 1-GIDROKSITSIKLOGEK***CHINA100851,16*************
2017-09-023815909000Reaction initiators, reaction accelerators and catalysts: OTHER: HARDENER wide application for ALL MATERIALS acid curing. USES: FURNITURE MANUFACTURING. It does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons. Solids 13% resin***SWEDEN19225826,04*************
2017-09-043815909000INITIATOR REACTION FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS (CURING OF UNSATURATED POLYESTER RESINS In the presence of cobalt accelerators) BUTANOX M-60, 30-39% methyl ethyl ketone solution in dimethyl-55-70% AKZO NOBEL FUNCTIONAL CHEMICALS BV BUTANOX absence***BELGIUM14404843,38*************
2017-09-043815909000Initiators and accelerators REACTIONS: "CEE BEE J-84 AL" - 4 PLAST. CAS. ON 25L. : "CEE BEE J-84AL" - HYDROXIDE NATRIYA-> 60% carbonate NATRIYA- <10% XYLENE SULFONATE NATRIYA- <5% sodium gluconate - <30%, lauryl dimethyl BENAIN- <2% NAZNACHENIE- ACCELERATION initiates***UNITED KINGDOM152711,36*************
2017-09-043815909000Reaction initiators, reaction accelerators and catalytic preparations, not elsewhere specified or included, PRODUCTS HIM.PROM-STI for scientific-research work and development of NEW HIM.VESCHESTV, NOT FOR DRUG, IN TERMS OF NICKEL KART.KOROBKI ***UNITED KINGDOM0.134,51Sergiev Posad**********
2017-09-053901109000POLYETHYLENE:. CONCENTRATE catalyst as ethylene-vinylsilane 923 DENSITY KG / M3 GRANULES FREE The shape, size 2-5 mm, is the initiator of the crosslinking reaction POLYETHYLENE NOT CONTAIN ETHANOL, SHARE CPD 1100 kg / m***FINLAND12505054,95*************

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