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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-019003110000RIM made of plastic, different ways of manufacture, for corrective spectacles, with transport DEMO lenses. CLASSIFICATION CODE 94 4265, OKPD2 Frames for corrective glasses PLASTIC, injection molding, RIM FOR COLLECTION MODELO corrective About***CHINA40.812931,64*************
2017-09-019001504100Medical products - Spectacle lenses for vision correction of a polymeric material, colorless, with coated filters, monofocal, stigmatic, astigmatic PROCESSED ON BOTH SIDES, OKP 94 8000: Medical product-lens glasses CORRECTING***ISRAEL3.23438,61*************
2017-09-019001404100LENSES FOR THE CORRECTION OF VIEW (spectacle lens for vision correction, SPH FROM TO -0.25 - 10.00, SPH FROM +0.25 to + 14.00) unmounted monofocal PROCESSED FROM BOTH SIDES: inorganic glass, 948,100 CLASSIFICATION CODE: OKPD2- SM .DOPOLNENIE 01 ***ITALY963651,44*************
2017-09-019001504100Spectacle lenses for vision correction of a polymeric material treated on both sides, single-vision astigmatic Photochromic: MODEL ZEISS MONOF. AS 1.6 PF BR DVP STOCK IT Z, ART. E AS 60 PFB DP - 3 PCS; MARK. AT UPAK. 724-61382064 eyeglass lens DL***PORTUGAL0.78762,5*************
2017-09-029001404100Spectacle lenses for vision correction of an inorganic-treated glass on both sides, monofocal COLORLESS: MODEL E SPH M6 ET - 2 pcs; MODEL E SPH M7 ET - 2 PCS; MARK. AT UPAK. 724-62430642 spectacle lens for vision correction from inorganic CT***CHINA0.158,2*************
2017-09-029001502000Spectacle lenses of other materials, not for vision correction: sunglass lenses, plastic ALL 1 (PCS) RICHEMONT INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION, ITALY CARTIER MXE067CK 1***SWITZERLAND0.0114,04*************
2017-09-029003900009Parts of frames and mountings for spectacles, NOT PLASTIC: Temples rules for spectacle frames, brass bracket for spectacle frames, became part of the eyeglass frame, STEEL TIP rules for spectacle frames, steel spout of steam for spectacle frames, steel ALL 7 (PCS) RICHEMONT INTERNA***SWITZERLAND0.03133,21*************
2017-09-039001404100Spectacle lenses for vision correction of an inorganic glass processed on both sides, monofocal COLORLESS, photochromic, diopters RT - to 15.00 + 4.50 CODES OKP 94 8500, 94 8100: 71 TOTAL UNITS. GLASS Single Vision Lenses PROCESSED WITH BOTH***JAPAN1.51564,29*************
2017-09-049001404100Spectacle lens for vision correction, 948,000 CLASSIFICATION CODE (IVLC 32.50.41) PROCESSED FROM GLASS ON BOTH SIDES, monofocal: READY COLORLESS uncoated REFRACTIVE INDEX 1.70 70 MM DIAMETER RANGE OF REFRACTION IN -2.25 to -10.00 ASTIGMATIKA C Tsilya***THAILAND0.3145,5*************
2017-09-049003110000Medical products: Spectacle frames for corrective glasses PLASTIC: RIM corrective glasses, MEDICAL, plastic, rimless, POLUOBODKOVYE TYPE By way of manufacturing -LITEVYE, with demo lenses made of plastics CARRERA OPTYL DOO SAFILO***CHINA1.15135,98*************

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