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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012204218000WINE ZASCHISCH.GEOGRAF.UKAZAN. "VADOSSI Toscana Rosso" 2016 / I, KAT.IGT, Tuscany region VINOGR, KREP.12.0 vol.%, B / MAR / O QUALITY, nature, red, dry, quiet, in Article .BUT.EMK.0.75 L, 2900 CDF X 6 BUT, BUT ONLY - 17400: "Cantina BONAKKI SpA" SANTINE BONACCHI SANTINE BO***ITALY1977533971,08*************
2017-09-012204218000WINE ZASCHISCH.GEOGRAF.UKAZ. "Santa Cristina Rosato Toscana IGT" UROZH.2016G grape, natural, Fine, moist, pink, quiet KREP.11.5 vol.%, SAH.4-12G / L, Booth EMK 0.75l, CAT .IGT, REG.TOSKANA, 120 CDF 6 BUT TOTAL BOTTLES -720: "Cantina Santa Cristina Spa"***ITALY825.292702,12*************
2017-09-012204218000WINE ZASCHISCH.GEOGRAF.UKAZ. "Santa Cristina Toscana IGT" UROZH.2015G grape, natural, Fine, dry, red, quiet KREP.13 vol.%, B / MAR, Booth EMK 0.75l, KAT.IGT, REG. TUSCANY, 165KOR 12BUT IN TOTAL BOTTLES -1980: "Cantina Santa Cristina Spa" ANTINORI ANTINORI ***ITALY2269.548845,02*************
2017-09-012204217900WINE ZASCHISCH.GEOGRAF.UKAZ. "Villa Antinori Toscana IGT BIANCO" UROZH.2016G grape, natural, Fine, white, dry, quiet, KREP.12 vol.%, B / MAR Booth 0.375 EMK A CAT. IHT, REG.TOSKANA 30 CDF 12BUT TOTAL BUT- 360: "Marchesi Antinori Spa." ANTINORI ANTINORI 0***ITALY249.011053,36*************
2017-09-012204218000WINE ZASCHISCH.GEOGRAF.UKAZ.VYDERZH. "Tignanello Toscana IGT" UROZH.2014G grape, natural, Fine, dry, red, quiet KREP.13.5 vol.%, B / MAR, Booth EMK.1.5 LKAT.IGT, REG. TUSCANY, 12DER CDF 1 BUT, ALL BUT-12 P / DER. Drawers. "Marchese Antinori SPA" ANTINORI ANTI***ITALY40.311097,77*************
2017-09-012204218000Wine of fresh grapes VYSOKOKACH.TIHOE ZASCHISCH.GEOGR.UKAZ.REG.TOSKANA KAT.IGT, RED DRY "Aretino typical Toscana Rosso", KREP.12.5 vol.%, Y / Y in 2014, 1600 CDF. X 6 STEKL.BUT., EMK.0.75L, Sun TH RUT. - 9600: "CANTINA DEI VINI TIPICI DELL`ARETINO SCA***ITALY1113621672*************
2017-09-012204216600WINE product PROTECTED AREA OF ORIGIN RED DRY Toscana (natural grape QUIET FINE, KAT.DOCG) harvest. 2015 bottling. 05.25.17, MAR. 0-3 g / L, SOD. JV. 12% W, The C / RUT EMK 0.75 L:.. "CHIANTI" - 3000 / RUT. (500: CDF.***ITALY34457489,21*************
2017-09-012204218000WINE REGION PROTECTED GEOGRAPHICAL NOTES RED DRY Toscana (natural grape QUIET FINE, KAT.IGT) harvest. 2015 bottling. 05.26.17, MAR. 0-3 g / L, SOD. JV. 12% W, V S / RUT EMK 0.75 L:.. "Toscano" - 1800 C / RUT (CDF 300 X 6 PCS:..).***ITALY20674063,5*************
2017-09-012204218000WINE VINOGR.NATUR. ZASCHISCH.GEOGRAF.UKAZ. In / QUALITY. QUIET "Rosati (Tuscany)" KAT.IGT, Y / Y 2016 REG.TOSKANA, pink, dry, WITHOUT SOD.SAH., KREP.13,5% vol., In the glass. BUT.0,750L, 23KART. KOR.H6BUT TOTAL BUT.-138:. Castello di AMA SRL SOCHIETA Agricola Toscana IT***ITALY170.341058,19*************
2017-09-012204216600WINE AND PROTECTED appellations of origin, region of Maremma (Tuscany), "gloss Sangiovese Tuscan Maremma" KAT.DOC, red, dry, Y / Y 2016 OB.DOL.ET.SP. 13%, 0.75 L / "LOSCO SANGIOVESE MAREMMA TOSCANA", 24KOR. H6STEK.BUT TOTAL BUT.144SHT,:.. VINOG***ITALY179.76383,29*************

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