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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-058311900000Cathodes and collectors for CELL gelevyj leak detector disposed at an analyzer. IS yttrium THREAD iridium coatings that, heating, STARTS emitted electrons (thermionic emission).ADIXEN VACUUM PRODUCTS BY PFEIFFER VACUUM***0.0321083,78VEIN**********
2017-09-079001900009CRYSTAL yttrium aluminum garnet doped with neodymium (ND: YAG). The impurity concentration (ND) 0.6%. SIZE 4 * 120 mm. REFLECTING POWER COATING AR R <0.2% @ 1064 nm. It used as an optical element in the solid-state laser MIDDLE its infrared***CHINA0.01550*************
2017-09-072844408000Source of beta-radiation based on isotope strontium-90 / yttrium-90. SPECIFIC radioactivity - 1.48 GL (^ 1,48H10 9BK) .Not CONTAINS URANIUM. It is used for software-driven irradiated samples without breaking the vacuum in the automatic registration TERMOLYUM: IN***GERMANY0.17397,84*************
2017-09-083824999609Zirconia with the addition of ceria, neodymium, lanthanum, hafnium, yttrium: MELCATXZO1320 / 01; All items are in solid solution in the zirconia. Color light yellow; PHYSICAL FORM POWDER; WITHOUT SMELL; FORMULA (ZRO2) X (CEO2) Y (LA2O3) CHEM. FROM***GERMANY150044439,2*************
2017-09-112825908500OXIDE ITTIYA. Yttrium oxide, which is a white powder, odorless, yttrium oxide content greater than 98%, are used in industry as anticorrosive pigments, DOES NOT CONTAIN sources of ionizing radiation. TREIBACHER INDUSTRIE AG***NETHERLANDS2002332,57*************
2017-09-118102950000FOIL molybdenum doped with yttrium, are wound on plastic reels ISP. As a vacuum solder FOR MANUFACTURE OF MERCURY DISCHARGE ARC and quartz-halogen lamp FOIL molybdenum, 4.0 X SIZE 0,028MM FOIL molybdenum, 7.0 X SIZE 0***GERMANY2.12126,68*************
2017-09-118504901100Cores ferrite (disc-shaped) from yttrium iron garnet (CHEMICAL FORMULA Y3FE5O12.), INTENDED FOR USE IN OWN PRODUCTION LTD "NEVA Ferry" ASSEMBLY RF choke - not intended for use in the military: ON ***UNITED STATES8.62197,65*************
2017-09-123824999609CHEMICAL PRODUCTS OR DRUGS OTHER: CHEMICAL POWDER "METCO 204B-NS" for thermal spraying from a mixture of metal oxides. COMPOSITION: zirconia (ZRO2) - 85-91%, of yttrium oxide (Y2O3) - 7,5-15,0%, hafnia (HFO2) - to 1.8%. RAW MATERIALS***UNITED STATES63.564695,42*************
2017-09-123824999609Zirconia stabilized with yttrium to improve performance during sintering in powder form without the addition of the bunch, is used for manufacture of refractory articles: zirconia Molecular Formula ZR02.NE SUITABLE FOR CASTING. OUT***CHINA963000*************
2017-09-148102950000FOIL molybdenum doped with yttrium, are wound on plastic reels ISP. As a vacuum soldered THE MANUFACTURE halogen bulbs FOIL molybdenum, SIZE 6.0 X 0,040MM GLE GESELLSCHAFT FUR LICHTTECHNISCHE ERZEUGNISSE MBH Not***GERMANY2.52642,78*************

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