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Russia Import Export Customs Data - A Decision Making Business Intelligence Report

Track each & every shipment which comes or goes out from Russia so you can make the best decisions and stay ahead from your competitors. Get latest Export & Import Data of Russia from us which is based on actual Customs Data & Bill of Lading records. Download sample for your review.

Russian Import Statistics - 10 Largest Russian Import Products in 2015

HS CodeProduct DescriptionShare in Value 2015
84Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc.18.68%
85Electrical, Electronic Equipment11.55%
87Vehicles Other Than Railway, Tramway8.41%
30Pharmaceutical Products 4.76%
39Plastics and Articles 4.17%
90Optical, Photo, Technical, Medical, etc. 2.79%
73Articles of Iron and Steel2.23%
8Edible Fruit, Nuts, Peel of Citrus Fruit, Melons2.16%
72Iron and Steel 1.81%
28Inorganic Chemicals, Precious Metal Compound, Isotopes 1.78%
Russia imported products in 2015

Russian Export Statistics - 10 Largest Russian Export Products in 2015

HS CodeProduct DescriptionShare in Value 2015
27Mineral Fuels, Oils, Distillation Products, etc.62.84%
72Iron and Steel4.43%
84Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc.2.52%
71Pearls, Precious Stones, Metals, Coins, etc.2.29%
76Aluminium and Articles 2.05%
44Wood, Articles of Wood, Wood Charcoal 1.84%
74Copper and Articles 1.30%
28Inorganic Chemicals, Precious Metal Compound, Isotopes 1.12%
Russia exported products in 2015

Russia Import Statistics - 10 Largest Russian Import Partners of 2015

CountryShare in Value 2015
United States of America6.30%
Republic of Korea2.50%
Russian Import Partners of 2015

Russia Export Statistics - 10 Largest Russian Export Partners of 2015

CountryShare in Value 2015
Republic of Korea3.80%
Russian Export Partners of 2015

A Trusted Platform for Russia Trade Data Seekers

We are an aspiring market research company who is dedicated to unfold secrets behind the Russian import-export trade. We cater our clients by providing them Import Export customs data of Russia; which includes actual and authentic Russian importers and exporters details.

What We Serve

1. Russian Import Data

Through Russian import data, you will be able to track down all the shipments that enter into the Russian ports from any part of the world via sea or air. Import data of Russia contains complete and correct shipment records of all products which comes/imports into Russia. Our trade data of Russia imports is 100% genuine as it is collected from the trusted sources and based on the Russian customs records. Major data fields including – List of Russian Importers, HS Code, Product Description, Total Value, Total Quantity, Origin & Destination of Shipment covers in our report. Read More for Russia Import Data

2. Russian Export Data

Russian export data contains useful information of all shipments which takes place from Russia. We collect Trade data of Russia exports from our trustworthy sources that’s why we are able to provide the most accurate and latest export records of every shipment. You can find all major data fields in the export data of Russia including – List of Russian Exporters, HS Code, Product Description, Total Value, Total Quantity, Origin & Destination of Shipment and so on. Read More for Russia Export Data

Benefits of Russia Import Export Data


Track your competitor’s Shipment who do business in Russia. Use our report to stay ahead from your competition in Market.


As our data is based on actual shipment records, so you will get only Authentic and real buyers of Russia. You can find out New Importers & exporters in Russia from our latest database.

360 Degree View of Russian Market

Our research report help you in analysing the Export & Import market trends of Russia! Through our report; check current market price, origin & Destination countries, demand and supply of various products in the Russian market!


From our reliable platform, get only genuine and accurate Russia import export details. It reduce risk of getting into touch with fraud companies. You can cross check Russian companies credit worthiness on your own.


See below the snapshots for our analytical report on Russia import of Laptop/I-Pad/Tablet. Check what fields we cover in our report and how it is workable for you. You can also download this sample report in excel format right away.

Trust Factors

As we are a part of Export Genius, we are absolutely different from other market research companies because we are adhered to basic standards of providing most accurate import export data of Russia along with the research report on Russian trade. We are well recognized for the following achievements.

9000+ Clients:

As we are a part of Export Genius, we have more than 9000 existing clients. We look forward to keep on satisfying their business requirements by providing them most accurate customs data of Russia and other countries.

50+ Countries Data:

Apart from Russia, we provide customs data of over 50 countries with complete shipment records. Through our largest database, we are able to cover the data of all the major countries worldwide.

500+ Million Records:

We have the largest database with over 500 million trade records of Russia and other countries through which we are being able to satisfy the trade data requirements of our esteemed clients.


Three years back, I started export business of automatic data processing machines. Last year, I was looking for exporting in Russia. Someone told me about this website and I took their paid market research services and got import data of Russia along with the Russian importers list. Now I am exporting automatic data processing machines into Russia as well.

By Branwen

I have been a client of Export Genius since last 2 years. They have always fulfilled my business requirements by providing the most accurate import export data. Now they have started a Russian website in which only Russia customs data will be delivered to the clients. I am planning to export turbojets to Russia. So, I am looking for Russian importers that I hope to get from this Russian import export Data provider.

By Federica

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