About Us

Market Research Specialist of Russia Import & Export Trade

Russiaexim.com is presented by Export Genius- a fastest growing market research company, providing import export data of Russia & 50 other countries. We have a team of experienced and specialized database professionals who manage latest information & records of Russia in order to provide accurate Reports. Our Report help companies to check what’s going on in Import & Export sector in Russia specially Market Price, Market Size, Demand & supply of Product etc. Companies can grow their business efficiently by having our excellent business intelligence services.

We are the most reliable source for Russia trade data which helps clients to boost their Import & Export Business. We provide Decision Making essential business information so you can stand ahead from your competitors. You can track down the shipment of your competitors, analyse the Russian market closely and find New Importer & suppliers with the help of our reports. We are trusted platform to access Russian trade data and statistical reports.

What We Serve

Russiaexim.com is associated to Export Genius, so we have catered the customs data requirements of over 9000 clients. And our numbers of satisfied customers are on the rise. Now we have created russiaexim.com for the Russian import export data seekers. We serve the following market research services:

1. Russian Import Data

We cover all Shipment details which enters into Russia either via Sea, Road or Air. Russia Import data is including Name of Russian Importers, HS Code, Product Description and Total Import Value. Import data of Russia is very useful if you are finding new Buyers, Importers & Traders in Russia. Read More for Import Data of Russia

2. Russian Export Data

Whatever exported from Russia we track it with the help of bill of lading details. Russia Export data includes Russian Exporters Name, Product Description, HS Code and Total Export Value. Export data of Russia is essential to find out new sources/suppliers in Russia. Read More for Export Data of Russia