How Russia Customs Data is Advantageous

Find & Evaluate Russian Businesses

If you’re importing or exporting, Russia trade data helps you find quality importers or exporters in Russia and evaluate their performance.

Monitor Competitors’ Imports & Exports

Russia shipment data helps you keep an eye on import & export activities of your current competitors and identify new companies in the market.

Comprehensive Research on Russian Market

Russia import-export data helps you identify new market trends, analyse flow of goods, forecast market and get a 360-degree view of Russian market.

Maximize Import-Export Company Profits

With Russia export import data & market research reports, make your organization data-driven, take smarter business decisions and maximize company profits.

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Russia Trade Data

Combining information and insights to provide 360-degree view of Russian businesses.

1 Russia Import Data

Russia import data contains shipment information of Russian importers & overseas suppliers that are involved in trading of goods. With Company Details, Russia trade data covers Date, HS Code, Product Description, Origin Country, Weight, Value and so on. Read More

2 Russia Export Data

Russia export data contains information on ever consignment which departs from the country via all modes of transport (Sea, Air & Road). It covers Company Names, Date, HS Code, Product Description, Destination Country, Weight, Value and many more fields. Read More

Product-Industry-Specific Russia Trade Data

Russia’s major industries are oil & gas, precious stones & metals, mining, aircraft building, electric engineering, military machinery, aerospace, pulp & paper, automotive and agriculture. Get Russia import export data on a specific HS Code, product description or product category.

Russia’s Top Imports

Product Value USD %
Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc. 18.6
Electrical Machinery & Equipment 13.0
Vehicles Other Than Railway or Tramway 7.9
Pharmaceutical Products 4.6
Plastics & Articles 4.0
Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment 3.5
Articles of Iron & Steel 2.4
Edible Fruits & Nuts 2.2
Organic Chemicals 1.9
Not Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing 1.6

Russia’s Top Exports

Product Value USD %
Mineral Fuels & Oils 42.1
Pearls & Precious Stones 9.0
Iron and Steel 4.7
Cereals 2.7
Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc. 2.4
Wood & Articles 2.0
Fertilisers 1.6
Copper & Articles 1.6
Aluminium & Articles 1.3
Fish & Crustaceans 1.2

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