Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy

RussiaExim undertakes all possible measures to maintain effective and updated Privacy Policy that incorporates all the details of your privacy, provided by you to RussiaExim at the time of registration at We understand your privacy, so we would like to keep you aware with the following aspects that are related to your personal information that you share with us.

  • What kind of information we collect from you?
  • How do we collect your personal information?
  • How we can use your personal information?
  • To whom we may share your personal information?

Whenever our website is used or any of our services in whole/part, Subscriber/users acknowledge and agree with all terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. RussiaExim may amend/change/evolve the policy and terms as when there is a requirement and the modification to our Privacy Policy will be updated on our website accordingly. We request our subscribers to go through our Privacy Policy before using our website in order to be aware about our fully updated and amended Privacy Policy.

What kind of information we collect from you?

You as a subscriber of our market research services are required to provide a variety of information including Your Business Name, Your Email Address, Your Contact Number, Your Postal Address and other identifying contact information.

We also collect and record your personal information that you share with us through our chat room, comment box, enquiry form and news boards at

RussiaExim also records the financial information of our subscribers including Bank Account Details and Credit Card Information for the registration and subscription process.

Apart from this, the non-personal and autonomous identifying information is also collected through our website including Internet Protocol (IP) Address, Browser Details, Operating System Time and so on. This kind of information is collected to monitor our website for improving performance of our website and for targeted marketing and manages our promotional activities.

In which circumstances we disclose your information?

The person and non-person identifying information of our subscribers is disclosed to our staff members only for the purpose of managing the accounts and processing their Russia import export data orders at RussiaExim. At any cost, we do not sell or publicize any of the personal or financial information of our clients to third parties for any promotional purpose. However, we may use email address and phone numbers of our subscribers for sending newsletters and business offers to them. RussiaExim may also share personal information of our subscribers to our business partners and agents for other lawful purposes.

How we secure your personal information?

We understand the importance of your Privacy so whenever your Personal Details are captured within RussiaExim, or on its behalf; we deliberately take required steps to make sure that your collected Personal Information is used or disclosed accurately, completely, up-to-date and stored in a secured environment whilst protecting from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. In case of any concerns, questions or issues related to your Privacy on, please contact at

What you have to make choice?

We at RussiaExim do not provide unsolicited emails. It is up to you whether you required e-mails regarding our data plans, data pricing and subscription offers from us. You may even restrict our use of your personal information by contacting us at In that case, you will not be entitled to receive our promotional offers, newsletters and other market research services through e-mail.

What and how we can change in our privacy policy?

RussiaExim reserves all rights to change in the Privacy Policy without any prior notice. We will post the modified Privacy Policy on our website All our subscribers are requested to thoroughly check our amended Privacy Policy when we do before using our market research services. Your continued use of our data and services covered by this notice constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions completely.

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