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Whenever a cargo ship enters in Russia from any part of the world, we at RussiaExim start receiving the every shipment detail including bill of lading and other shipment data of Russia from our trusted sources. We collect import data of Russia from them and check its accuracy thoroughly before delivering it to our clients. The trade statistics of Russia import is available on any product that is imported by sea or air to all Russian ports from foreign countries.

We are the most reliable source from where you can access 100% correct Russia trade data. Our import data of Russia is entirety based on shipment records and custom details. So, you can subscribe with us to get the Russia import data by requesting a demo or sample and getting our import data of Russia on trial.

We provide authentic Russia import statistics for small, middle and large sized businesses that trade with Russia and always search for a reliable custom database for accessing specific trade information such as List of Russian Importers, Total Value, Quantity and so on. The following data columns are available in the import data of Russia -

Russia Import Data Sample

Find the most latest & accurate import data of Russia with actual shipment records right here. Go through this Russia import sample and understand how we provide Russia import data and which data fields we cover in customs data of Russia imports.

Sample #1 - Russian Import Sample

Date of Registration01-03-2016
Declaration Number10404080/010316/0001898
Russian Importer NameOOO "DSM NUTRISHNL Products, RUS"
Importer Address423888, Republic of Tatarstan, S. SHILNEBASH, UL. PRODUCTION 16
Exporter Address4303,, KAISERAUGST, WURMISWEG 576

HS Code2914700000
Product DescriptionROVIMIKS K3 MNB / ROVIMIX K3 MNB - CONTENTS menadione (Vitamin K3) AT LEAST 43% nicotinamide NOT LESS THAN 30.5%, 26.5% - Impurities

Recipient RegionRepublic of Tatarstan
Currency CodeRUB
Origin CountryChina
Destination CountryRussia
Point of Delivery of GoodsSHILNEBASH
Cargo Release Date03-03-2016
Gross Weight (KG)1090
Net Weight (KG)1000
Customs Value (RUB)828500
Statistical Value of the Goods (USD)10915.76
Customs Payments (USD)2905.32
Customs Payments (RUR)220511.5

Sample #2 - Russian Import Sample

Date of Registration01-03-2016
Declaration Number10311090/010316/0001453
Russian Importer NameLtd. "VOLGOGRADPROMPROEKT"
Importer Address400057, Volgograd region, Volgograd, UL. Harvested, 47
Name of the ManufacturerROCKWOOD LITHIUM GMBH
HS Code2931909009
Product DescriptionN-butyl lithium 23.94% in an organic solvent, hexane, are necessary to keep the product. Used as a catalyst for olefin polymerization CHEMICAL FORMULA PROMYSHLENNOSTI. HIMICHESKAYA C4H9LI, CAS № 109-72-8. WEIGHT CONTENT ACTI
Recipient RegionVolgograd region
Currency CodeRUB
Origin CountryGermany
Destination CountryRussia
Point of Delivery of GoodsZarephath
Cargo Release Date04-03-2016
Gross Weight (KG)11900
Net Weight (KG)11900
Customs Value (RUB)7751838.73
Statistical Value of the Goods (USD)101432.14
Customs Payments (USD)22197.09
Customs Payments (RUR)1684746.06

Russia Import Records of 2015

According to import data of Russia, the country recorded a great decline in the import value of total products in 2015. From January to March, the import value of Russia was on the rise, however, it started declining in April and May. Thereafter, Russia registered almost similar import value of products on an average in later months of the year 2015. Find the table below in which you will find trade figures of Russia imports recorded in the year 2015.

Month NameTotal Import Value - In USDQuantity in Kilogram
January 2015 11,194,643 9,509,860,352
February 2015 11,329,7387,920,780,288
March 2015 16,213,437 11,818,016,768
April 2015 15,258,337 12,015,863,808
May 2015 14,251,566 12,168,693,760
June 2015 15,269,776 12,155,027,456
July 2015 15,866,184 13,651,763,200
August 2015 15,494,018 12,239,836,160
September 2015 16,130,448 11,100,620,800
October 2015 15,950,254 10,739,430,400
November 2015 14,003,398 10,703,457,280
December 2015 16,330,863 11,717,305,344

Top 10 Russia Import Products

As per the customs data of Russia imports, the country imported machinery the most in 2015. Electronic equipment and vehicles other than railway were the second and third largest import products of Russia in this year respectively. Let's take a look on top 10 products, which Russia imported in the year 2015.

Product NameValue (USD)Value (%)
Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc. (HS Code 84)34,147,899 18.68%
Electrical, Electronic Equipment (HS Code 85)21,110,277 11.55%
Vehicles Other Than Railway, Tramway (HS Code 87) 15,377,7888.41%
Pharmaceutical Products (HS Code 30)8,691,484 4.76%
Plastics (HS Code 39)7,629,191 4.17%
Optical, Photo, Technical, Medical, etc. (HS Code 90) 5,106,463 2.79%
Articles of Iron and Steel (HS Code 73) 4,077,681 2.23%
Edible Fruit, Nuts, Peel of Citrus Fruit, Melons (HS Code 08) 3,944,184 2.16%
Iron and Steel (HS Code 72)3,301,202 1.81%
Inorganic Chemicals, Precious Metal Compounds, Isotopes (HS Code 28) 3,248,198 1.78%
Russia imported products in 2015

Top 10 Russia's Importer Countries

If we look at the Russia trade data, Russia imported the products largely from China. And Germany and United States of America was the 2nd and 3rd largest exporter countries to Russia respectively in 2015. Below is the list of top 10 exporter countries from which Russia mostly imported the products in 2015.

Russian Import Partners of 2015
Country NameValue (USD)Value (%)
China35,199,264 19.3%
United States of America 11,489,698 6.3%
Belarus7,988,799 4.4%
Italy7,933,556 4.3%
Japan6,818,557 3.7%
Ukraine5,642,801 3.1%
France5,563,160 3%
Republic of Korea4,532,320 2.5%
Kazakhstan4,275,013 2.3%