Russia Import Data

Russia Import Data

Russia import data contains transaction-level information of consignments which enter into the country via all modes of transport. With Russia import statistics, you can take workable decisions and tap high-growth opportunities. Russia import data covers full shipment details including Date, HS Code, Product Description, Importer Name, Importer Address, Exporter Name, Exporter Address, Declarant Name, Declarant Address, Manufacturer Name, Origin Country, Destination Country, Gross Weight (KG), Net Weight (KG) and Invoice Value (RUB).

Benefits of Russia Import Data

From import trends to shipment of Russian importers, get the details of each transaction through Russia import data.

  • Gain visibility into imports of Russian companies and find real buyers in Russia for your product.
  • Know who are your competitors in Russia and tack their shipments to analyze their market strategies.
  • Understand which products are mostly demanded in Russia and export goods accordingly to grow your business.
  • Refine your market research reports on Russian imports market by making the best use of our Russia customs data.
  • Get full container-based information on Russian import companies and choose the right businesses for providing logistics solutions.
  • Study all market aspects of Russian import organizations and approach them to provide financial solutions.

Russia Import Data Sample

Russia import data covers transaction-level information of every shipment which enters into the country through all modes of transport. Look at samples and view every column available in data.

Russia Import Sample

Date 02-May-2021
Russian Importer Name ***** Russian Importer Address *****
Exporter Name ***** Exporter Address *****
Declarant Name ***** Declarant Address *****
Manufacturer Name *****
Departure Country Turkey Origin Country Turkey
Destination Country Russia HS Code 106490009
Product Description Living Insects, Artificial Green:
Point of Delivery of Goods Airport Vnukovo
Quantity of Items 50 Quantity of Goods in Additional Unit 200
Additional Unit PCS Total Customs Value 648860.36
Currency Code RUB Gross Weight KG 678
Net Weight KG 650 Invoice Value 7163
Customs Value of Goods 648860.36 Statistical Value of Goods 8669.38

Russia Imports from June 2020 to May 2021

According to Russia import data, Russia imported goods the most in April 2021 during June 2020 to May 2021, while the lowest value of shipment recorded in January 2021. See dollar amount of Russia imports recorded in the given period.

Russia Imports from June 2020 to May 2021
Month Value USD Billion
June 2020 18.6
July 2020 18.9
August 2020 19.2
September 2020 19.6
October 2020 21.3
November 2020 22.0
December 2020 24.1
January 2021 16.7
February 2021 20.5
March 2021 24.9
April 2021 25.3
May 2021 24.0

Russia’s Top 10 Import Categories

Russia’s major imports are machinery, mechanical appliances, etc., which shared 18.6% value to total imports in 2020. Here is a list of Russia’s top 10 imports with their values in percentile.

Product Value USD %
Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc. 18.6
Electrical Machinery & Equipment 13.0
Vehicles Other Than Railway or Tramway 7.9
Pharmaceutical Products 4.6
Plastics & Articles 4.0
Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment 3.5
Articles of Iron & Steel 2.4
Edible Fruits & Nuts 2.2
Organic Chemicals 1.9
Not Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing 1.6

Russia’s Top 10 Import Categories

Russia’s Top 10 Import Partners

Russia imported goods the most from China, which shared 23.7% value to overall value of shipments in 2020. Check the list of Russia’s top 10 import partners with their values in percentile.

Country Value USD %
China 23.7
Germany 10.1
United States 5.7
Belarus 5.4
Italy 4.4
France 3.5
South Korea 3.1
Japan 3.1
Turkey 2.2
Kazakhstan 2.2

Russia’s Top 10 Import Partners

Major Russian Ports

A list of Russia’s major ports is given below. Get port-wise Russia import data and know which ports are handling major import traffic.

  • Novorossiysk
  • Samara
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Anapa
  • Adler
  • Arkhangelsk
  • Arman (Magadan)
  • Astrakhan
  • Azov
  • Balobanovo
  • Chaykovskiy
  • Cherepovets
  • Chelyabinsk
  • De-Kastri
  • Egvekinot
  • Magadan
  • Gelendzhik
  • Hatanga
  • Igarka
  • Yaroslavl
  • Tiksi
  • Baykal
  • Katya Ivanova
  • Kandalaksha
  • Kronshtadt
  • Kemerovo
  • Keret
  • Kogalym
  • Kholmsk
  • Lesogorsk
  • Lomonosov
  • Okha, Sakhalin
  • Rudnaya Pristan
  • Rostov-Na-Donu
  • Taganrog
  • Uglegorsk
  • Vassilevsky Ostrov/St Petersburg
  • Vnukovo Airport
  • Kolyma River
  • Lorino
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