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HS Tariff Code of Live Fish in Russia is 0301

Find updated HS tariff code of live fish in Russia is 0301.

HS Code Product Description
  0301Live fish
      030111Fresh-water fish, ornamental, live
             0301110000Fresh-water fish, ornamental, live
      030119Other decorative fish, alive
             0301190000Other decorative fish, alive
      030191Trout live (saimo trutta, oncorhynchus mykkis, oncorhynchus clarki, oncorhynchus aguabonita, oncorhynchus gilae, oncorhynchus apache and oncorhynchus chrysogaster)
             0301911000Trout and species ocorhynchus apache oncorhynchus chrysoguster, live
             0301919000Other, live trout (salmo trutta, oncorhynchus mykiss, oncorhychus clarci, oncorhynchus aquabonita, oncorhynchus ggilae, jncorhynchus apache and oncorhynchus chrysogaster)
      030192Eel (anguilla spp.) living
             0301921000Eel (anguilla spp.), live, length less than 12 cm
             0301923000Eel (anguilla spp.), live, 12 cm or more but less than 20 cm
             0301929000Eel (anguilla spp.), live, length 20 cm or more
      030193Carp live
             0301930000Carp live
      030194Tuna blue or ordinary and pacific blue tuna (thunnus thynnus, thunnus orientalis) live
             0301941000Live fish: tuna blue or ordinary
             0301949000Live fish: tuna pacific blue
      030195Live fish: tuna southern blue (thunnus maccoyii)
             0301950000Live fish: tuna southern blue (thunnus maccoyii)
      030199Other live fish
             0301991100Other, live fish: salmon pacific (...... oncorhynchus nerka, oncor gorbuscha, oncor keta, oncor tschawytscha, oncor kisutch, oncojr masou and oncor rhodurus), atlantic salmon (samo salar)
          03019918Other live fish: other freshwater fish
             0301991810Other sturgeon fry freshwater
             0301991820Other living freshwater fish: other sturgeon
             0301991860Other living freshwater fish: other
             0301991880Other, freshwater sturgeon
             0301991890Other live fish, other
             0301998500Other live fish