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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-043922200000Seats and covers toilet, PLASTIC FOAM COVER toilet seat child seat from the lid for toilet bowl "DECOR" "AZHUR" IVORY SEAT COVER FOR TOILET "DECOR" "Aquarium" 1/10 WHITE SEAT COVER FOR TOILET "DECOR" "BUTTERFLY***RUSSIA1669.46339,51*************
2017-09-050511919090Artemia cysts, unfit for human consumption, NERAZVIVAYUSCHIESYA at rest (diapause) is an excellent feed aquarium fish in bags of 20 KG__1.0__: Artemia decapsulated humidity 20% Artem DRY humidity 20% __1.1__ produceABSENTBULGARIA820048765,43VARNA**********
2017-09-060511919090Artem (under cystitis) SYRAYA- Feed for aquarium, pond, saltwater fish, turtles, crabs and shrimp to 20 000 kg. PACKAGING: 328 polypropylene bags with a weight of 50 to 70 killogramm .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "PIONEER TRADE"***THAILAND20000240000BANGKOK THAILAND**********
2017-09-070511919090Gammarus DRY intended for use as feed for aquarium fish (NOT WASTE), golden color, the size of 8-10 mm:***GERMANY1958789497,17altrip**********
2017-09-110511919090Artem (under cystitis) DRY - Feed for aquarium, pond, saltwater fish, turtles, crabs and shrimp 1006.5 KG. PACKAGING: 122 cartons at 8.25 KG .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "PIONEER TRADE"***TURKEY1006.524156IZMIR TURKEY**********
2017-09-113802900000Material Filter Diatomite "OPE FILTER (ORE FILTER)", is intended for use as a material of the filter material in the course of Physico-chemical purification of potable, industrial and waste water, swimming pool water and Aquarium DRINKS MATER***RUSSIA1920015503,69*************
2017-09-120511919090FOOD FOR FEEDING aquarium fish: __ 1.0__ OTHER WASTE FISH (Artem (under cystitis) Humidity not more than 7-9%, mass fraction of impurities - 1%, off more than 10% __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "nate-Vneshtorg "count = 2000 KG,***THAILAND200010000BANGKOK**********
2017-09-130511919090Gammarus dry, for use in KACHESTVE feed for aquarium fish (NOT WASTE), golden color, the size of 8-10 mm: __ 1.0__ gammarus DRY __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "SPORTS CLUB RUSSIA" count = 19532 KG,***GERMANY1953251435,55altrip**********
2017-09-168421210009DEVICE filtering or purifying WATER GRAZHD.PRIM NOT FOR F / A NOT FOR DRINKING VODOSNABZH NOT FOR NEFTEBERERAB NOT for aquariums, for technicians "SAMSUNG" Filters -... For a vacuum cleaner SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO, LTD SAMSUNG. SAMSUNG HAFIN2 / EXP absence***RUSSIA0.2648,49*************
2017-09-190511919090Artem (under cystitis) SUHAYA- Feed for aquarium, pond, saltwater fish, turtles, crabs and shrimp in 2004 KG 750 GR. PACKAGING: 243 CARDBOARD KOROBKI__1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "BIOTRADE" brand -no,ABSENTECUADOR2004.75121026,76GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR**********

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