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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-043214101009SEALANT Chimney TYTAN, BLACK in plastic packaging 310 ML TOTAL PACKAGES 2. Silicone TYTAN VYSOKOTEMPERAT.KRASNY, in a plastic bag 310 ml TOTAL 2 UPAKOVKI.OGNESTOYKY silicate and for sealing of furnaces and chimney construction. : TYTAN IN***AZERBAIJAN240,13PETROZAVODSK**********
2017-09-043925908009Covers APRON TILE ondulin = 200 pcs, cover APRON designed to close the joints between ondulin and vertical wall or chimney, Material - polypropylene, black color, size 950H260H1.5: IS THE CORNER ELE***RUSSIA90540*************
2017-09-053924100000Dining room and kitchen utensils made of plastics Applicability DOMESTIC: a cocktail stick "MILK" DIRECT 8 * 240 mm (. 250SHT / UP) tube for a cocktail "MILK" DIRECT 8 * 240 mm (. 500pcs / UP) Tubules for cocktail "MINI" straight 5 * 125 MM (400SHT / UP.) chimney sweeper***RUSSIA208.791269,95*************
2017-09-067326909807Ferrous metal products (sintered KR, stamped, forged.) METHOD FOR PRODUCING - WELDING: chimneys and parts of furnaces in the range, from the pallet GROSS WEIGHT KG 1086,180FERINGERLATVIA846.354052,96MOSCOW**********
2017-09-078403909000CHIMNEY AZB 60212, vertical, coaxial; DIAMETER, MM-80/125, WIND is equipped with ZASCHITOY.IZGOTOVLEN of composite materials (galvanized steel and polypropylene). ARE flue gas condensing boilers COMMUNITY: NAZNACHENIYA.NE***RUSSIA372,08*************
2017-09-083917400009The connecting element CHIMNEY Condensing gas boilers: coal Metalloplastikovaja SCA-8080-000045 45 °, DN80, MATERIAL IZGOTVOLENIYA-reinforced polypropylene, metals. METHOD FOR PRODUCING A-EKSTRUZIYA.PREDNAZNACHEN FOR INSTALLATION IN THE SYSTEM: CHIMNEY GA***RUSSIA0.1815,65*************
2017-09-083926909709Products Plastic: Spacers centering pipe bending in the mine SYSTEM CHIMNEY, SCA-8610-088001; DIAMETER-60/100 mM; The material of construction-NYLON; MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR FIXING-LITE.PREDNAZNACHENA TRUB.VSEGO 3 PCS. : "GROPPALLI SRL". STOUT 0***RUSSIA0.158,93*************
2017-09-192208601100Vodka OBMNOY RATIOS WITH ETHYL ALCOHOL 40% RECEIVED FROM ETHYL ALCOHOL LUX rectified with the addition of purified water was poured into glass bottles of 0.5 L .: UNDER CONTRACT NUMBER AND PRICE PER 1 chimney: 0.5 Vodka "Etalon" 40%; CDF * 6BU***RUSSIA1633517008,83*************
2017-10-033917229009COMPOSITION chimney (the straight pipe DIRECT tapped CORNER) POLYPROPYLENE FOR HEATING BOILER fume collection system: the pipe from the boiler (1 M CORE COMPOSITION (ELBOW 90 (60/100) AL / PP, pipes with end walls (60/100) AL / PP RODA RODA 4***RUSSIA7.231,66*************
2017-10-067308909809Prefabricated Steel Parts STEEL: Steel welded MODULE FOR MANUFACTURING CHIMNEYABSENTUKRAINE8164038,51*************

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