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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-083402120000Softener: __ 1.0__ ON ON 12 L. 0.75 sht.v UP-KE: RUSSIAN WINTER CDF-2, 24 units; SENSITIVE SKIN AND CHILD-5 BCD, PCS 60; MEADOW TSVETY-.... 2 BCD, PCS 24; RAINFOREST-1 BCD, PCS 12; SOFT COTTON CDF-6, 72 pcs; PO 1 PO 10 L. sht.v UP-KE:...... FRESHNESS"CINDERELLA"UKRAINE310.6150MOSCOW**********
2017-09-153402120000Softener: __ 1.0__ ON ON 12 L. 0.75 sht.v UP-KE: RUSSIAN WINTER CDF-6, 72 pcs, SENSITIVE SKIN AND CHILD-8 BCD, PCS 96; MEADOW TSVETY-.... . 2 ROC 24 PCS;. SUMMER MOOD CDF-5, 60 PCS;.. SOFT COTTON CDF-3, 36 pcs;.. freshness and coolness CDF-4, W 48."CINDERELLA"UKRAINE650.5304,01MOSCOW**********
2017-09-223402120000Softener: __ 1.0__ PO 1 PO 10 L. sht.v UP-KE: SEA BREEZE-8 BCD, PCS 80, meadow of CDF-2, 20 units; RUSSIAN WINTER CDF-5, 50..... PCS, freshness and coolness-3 CDF, 30 pcs; ON FOR 0.75 ML 12 sht.v UP-KE:..... RAINFOREST-2 Cor, 24 pcs, for sensitive and DETS"CINDERELLA"UKRAINE587.2280,26MOSCOW**********
2017-10-043401209000LIQUID SOAP for retail sale, without the ethanol content:CINDERELLA, RUSSIAN HERBS, ZODIAC***1687.5781,28MOSCOW**********
2017-11-232836200000Soda ash (Disodium Carbonate) - granules white color cartons at 400 GR, IS NOT waste products used in consumer PURPOSE water softener when washing, boiling, soaking fabrics, DO NOT WASH DISHES: RUSSIAN WEIGHTCINDERELLAMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF1000700,78Lytkarino**********
2017-11-233401201000Laundry soap in powder, put up for retail sale in a plastic bags 300 GR .: RUSSIA GROSS WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT from the pallet - 478.00 KGCINDERELLAMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF432629,39Lytkarino**********
2017-11-233401209000LIQUID SOAP for retail sale for washing hands and body, household needs: RUSSIA GROSS WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT from the pallet - 276.00 KGCINDERELLAMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF216242,7Lytkarino**********
2017-11-233402209000Cleaning and maintenance products, packaged in plastic bottles AEROSOL NOT RETAIL SALES ARE FREE OF ETHANOL: RUSSIA GROSS WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT from the pallet - 15416.00 KGCINDERELLAMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF13239.610746,14Lytkarino**********
2017-11-233403990000Lubricating oils SYNTHETIC BASED fatty acid esters for lubrication HOUSEHOLD MACHINES AND MECHANISMS IN PLASTIC NOT aerosol bottles of 100 ml: RUSSIA GROSS WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT from the pallet - 89.50 KGCINDERELLAMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF60162,49Lytkarino**********
2017-11-233808911000Insecticidal preparations based on pyrethroids, ARE FREE OF ETHANOL, for everyday use, for retail sale in a plastic bag, designed to kill moth RUSSIA GROSS WEIGHT OF THE PRODUCT from the pallet - 82.00 KGCINDERELLAMOLDOVA REPUBLIC OF36412,16Lytkarino**********

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