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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-011806310000CHOCOLATE into tiles containing cocoa filling, Alpen Gold Milk Chocolate Oreo FILLED WITH TASTE peanut butter and pieces COOKIES 19H95G Alpen Gold Milk Chocolate Oreo FILLED with vanilla flavor and pieces COOKIES 35H35G LLC "RU MON'DELIS******1224.054310,2*************
2017-09-011806901900Chocolates, FILLED (without alcohol) of bulk, bulk cards. CDF. And packagi. In IND.UPAKOVKU: WAFER COOKIES KOROVKA MILK TASTE DISPLAY 1/250 VES WAFER COOKIES KOROVKA MILK TASTE DISPLAY 1/250 Korovko 30% MILK VES KOROVKA 30%******622.42164,2*************
2017-09-011806901900Chocolates, FILLED (without alcohol) of bulk, bulk cards. CDF. And packagi. In IND.UPAKOVKU: __ 1.0__ WAFER COOKIES KOROVKA MILK TASTE DISPLAY 1/250 VES WAFER COOKIES KOROVKA MILK TASTE DISPLAY 1/250 __1.1__ manufacturer -JSC "PladybugUNITED STATES622.42164,2MOSCOW**********
2017-09-011806310000The tiles CHOCOLATE, COCOA FILLING C, __ 1.0__ Alps GOLD MILK CHOCOLATE FILLING C Oreo with vanilla flavor and pieces COOKIES 35H35G __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "MON'DELIS RUSSIA" brand -ALPEN GOLD article -669303 n = 480 PCS, __ 2.0__ Alps GaulleALPEN GOLDGEORGIA1224.054310,2Krekshino**********
2017-09-011905311900Sweet biscuits Jubilejnaya C BREAST GLAZURYU__1.0__ JUBILEE COOKIES WITH BREAST MILK GLAZE 60X116 T __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "MON'DELIS RUSSIA" brand -YUBILEYNOE article -4013571 count = 128 pcs,JUBILEEGEORGIA898.561507,37Krekshino**********
2017-09-011905311900Sweet biscuits covered with chocolate icing are not put up, in a cardboard box: Sugar cookies Glazed wondrous Darenkov ART: YAP183 - 432 KG__1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "CSC VORONEZH", LLC "CSC Yashkin" brand -DIVNAYA DARONKA,wondrous DARONKAAZERBAIJAN432425,98DBOGDANOVO Ramon DISTRICT VORONEZHS OBL**********
2017-09-011905311900Sweet cookies covered in chocolate with caramel filling, in immediate packings of a net content exceeding 85 G. GROSS WEIGHT WITH SIGN PODDONAMITOVARNY TWIX REG. Troisi number 01 995 / 01598-066 / TK-140 711 ART. 10101947 TWIX MINIS 9 * 184g - 240 CDF. __1.0__: __1.1__ MANUFACTURINGTWIXGEORGIA3972537,48TBILISI**********
2017-09-011905311900Sweet biscuits entirely or partly covered with chocolate or other products containing KAKAO__1.0__ long cookies "GURMANCHIKI" FILLED condensed milk in KOND.GL. 2 kg. (13751) __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "Confectionery Concern Montenegrin"SIBERIAN ColibriMONGOLIA14493467,28ULAN UDE**********
2017-09-011905311100FLOUR CONFECTIONERY: DRY sugar cookie, a sandwich partially coated with chocolate coating (sugar, vegetable fat (cocoa butter substitutes), COCOA POWDER cocoa liquor, lecithin, vanillin) __ 1.0__: CONNECT TWO COOKIES cream nachiSUPER KontikiMONGOLIA7573.513929,3KURSK**********
2017-09-011905319900Sugar cookies "to tea with vanilla aroma" -6110KG.PREDSTAVLYAET IS biscuit with vanilla, made on the basis of flour, sugar and vegetable fats: Wheat flour 1 grade, margarine PLANT 82%, sugar, salt, baking powder, FLAVORMIROSLADATAJIKISTAN165205445,1Tursunzade**********

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