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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-014015190000Gloves Examination of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber, for medical purposes: __ 1.0__ GLOVES (SFM DIAGNOST.LATEKS.OPUDR R.M.) SHELF LIFE 10.01.20 __1.1__ manufacturer -SF MEDICAL PRODUCTS brand -SF MEDICAL PRODUCTS Number -in = 3150 PCS,SF MEDICAL PRODUCTSUKRAINE35.55323,07Lyubertsy**********
2017-09-014015110000Surgical gloves, of vulcanised rubber, intended for isolation Hand in surgical operations and medical procedures .__ 1.0__ GLOVES VIEW. Ster. M __1.1__ manufacturer -FARM-GLOBAL Ltd. brand -absence n = 100 pairs, __ 2.0__ GLOVESABSENTUKRAINE15.21490,48ROSTOV ON DON**********
2017-09-014015190000Household gloves, latex: __ 1.0__ latex gloves __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "SEDO HAUCHOLD PRODUCTS" brand -no n = 10 PCS,ABSENTUKRAINE0.334,16*************
2017-09-014015190000GLOVE of vulcanised rubber HOZYAYSTVENNYE__1.0__ BONUS LOW LATEX GLOVES HOUSEHOLD M (144 pcs / crate) __1.1__ manufacturer -FENGYANG HENGSHUN GLOVES LTD. (CHINA) brand -bonuses count = 432 pcs, __ 2.0__ TM Bok GLOVES HOUSEHOLD SUPERCHUBONUSUKRAINE128.8141124,42PGT Obukhov**********
2017-09-014015110000GLOVE - SURGICAL, of vulcanised rubber: __ 1.0__ GLOVES (SMOTR Nester VINYL NEOPUDR M â„–12...) 12 STEAM __1.1__ manufacturer -SF MEDICAL brand -SF n = 2 RPA __ 2.0__ HARTMANN PEHA-TEX (KNITTED GLOVE SIZE 7 â„–10) out of 10 pairs __2.1__SFABKHAZIA0.16630,07SUKHUM**********
2017-09-014015110000GLOVE - SURGICAL, of vulcanised rubber: __ 1.0__ GLOVES (... SMOTR H / ERASE dusted latex SIZE M) __1.1__ manufacturer -VEAR SAFE brand -absence n = 100 pairs, __ 2.0__ HARTMANN PEHA-SOFT ( LATEX GLOVES. NEOPUDR. S â„–100) 100 PAIRS __2.1_ABSENTABKHAZIA3.5445,55SUKHUM**********
2017-09-014015110000GLOVE - SURGICAL FROM VULKANIZOVANNOY RUBBER: __ 1.0__ GLOVES (VIEW N / ERASE dusted latex SIZE S...) __1.1__ manufacturer -VEAR SAFE brand -absence count = 1000 RPAABSENTUKRAINE1159,61ROSTOV ON DON**********
2017-09-014015110000GLOVES - SURGICAL, of vulcanized rubber: __ 1.0__ GLOVES SURGICAL (LATEX Sr. SOLUTION â„–7.) __1.1__ manufacturer -FARMA-GLOBAL LTD brand -FARMA-GLOBAL n = 3500 PAIRS, __ 2.0__ GLOVES SURGICAL (LATEX Sr. . SOLUTION â„–7,5) __2.PHARMA-GLOBALUKRAINE2731493,97ROSTOV ON DON**********
2017-09-014015110000GLOVE - SURGICAL, of vulcanised rubber: __ 1.0__ GLOVES (... SMOTR H / ERASE dusted latex SIZE L) __1.1__ manufacturer -VEAR SAFE brand -absence n = 600 pairs, __ 2.0__ GLOVE (H SMOTR. / ERASE latex. dusted. SIZE S) __2.1__ manufactureABSENTABKHAZIA21118,98SUKHUM**********
2017-09-014015110000GLOVE - SURGICAL, of vulcanised rubber: __ 1.0__ GLOVES (... SMOTR Nester VINYL NEOPUDR M â„–12) __1.1__ manufacturer -SF MEDICAL brand -SF n = 5 RPASFABKHAZIA0.292,46SUKHUM**********

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