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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-010403909100Yoghurt products CO flavored, sweetened, heat-treated, a milkfat content by weight of not more than 3%, DRINKING AND paste form: Yoghurt products GEK FRUIT BREEZE 0.1% 100 GR. PINEAPPLE / APPLE, PEARS******252432,59*************
2017-09-040403909900Yoghurt products in liquid FORME.NAIMENOVANIE "ALPENGURT CREAM 7.5%" - 7.5MAS% FAT (STRAWBERRY / PINEAPPLE-BOX 594; ABRIKOS / PEACH-passionfruit-BOX 594) .ne CONTAIN GMO.VES GROSS with pallet: 3220KG. : In a plastic cup 100g, PO 24pcs in a box...***RUSSIA29824635,8*************
2017-09-052202991900Nectars and drinks soft drinks, non-carbonated, fruit-based, ready to eat, COMPOSITION - fruit juice and puree, 35-50% water, sugar, acidity regulator-citric acid; VICO PINEAPPLE NECTAR 1L. SOLO TR apple drink 0.93 L***RUSSIA39830.3321666,89*************
2017-09-051806901900Chocolates "pineapple" with filling, do not contain alcohol, net weight 200 grams, ART. 640 - 32 PCS. : "TD" Seaside KONDITER "Seaside KONDITER 0***RUSSIA840,25*************
2017-09-051806321000FOODSTUFF CONTAINING COCOA, unfilled BUT WITH ADDITIVE cereals, fruits or nuts, in a tile: milk chocolate biscuit beads 85g / 18 Milk Chocolate with Pineapple 90 ° / 20 ZAO "CDW Pavlovsk" Yashkin PSH204 960 ZAO "CDW PAVLOVSKY PIC***RUSSIA159.84368,52*************
2017-09-050403909100Yoghurt products FRUTTIS, pasteurized, with the addition pineapple and melons, Fat content 2.5% B 240 115 IN plastic cups GR Ltd. "Campina" CAMPINA 240***RUSSIA30100,93*************
2017-09-050403909100Fermented milk products 0.5% FAT: Sour milk beverage "MILAVA" PINEAPPLE Mangos 0.5% 430g PET 6 pcs / CB Sour milk beverage "MILAVA" STRAWBERRY muesli 430g 0.5% PET 6 pcs / CB Sour milk beverage "MILAVA" RASPBERRY-ABRIKOS 0 430g 5% PET 6 pcs / CB KISLOMOLOCH DRINK***RUSSIA1264.21839,47*************
2017-09-051806321000Foods containing cocoa, unfilled BUT with the addition of cereals, fruits or nuts, in a tile __ 1.0__ milk chocolate with pineapple 90 ° / 20 __1.1__ manufacturer -CJSC "CSC Pavlovsky Posad" brand -YASHKINO article number -PSH204 -in = 960 pcs, lactic __ 2.0__YashkinAZERBAIJAN159.84368,52DBOGDANOVO Ramon DISTRICT VORONEZHS OBL**********
2017-09-051806901900Chocolates "pineapple" with filling, do not contain alcohol, net weight 200 grams, ART. 640 - 32 pcs .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -OOO "TD" Seaside KONDITER "brand -PRIMORSKY confectioners,SEASIDE KONDITERUNKNOWN840,25*************
2017-09-061806321000Confectionery products containing cocoa powder. Chocolate with cereals, fruit or nuts. Individually packaged for retail sale. : MILK CHOCOLATE Yashkin PINEAPPLE 90 ° / 20 PCS MILK CHOCOLATE Yashkin crushed hazelnuts RAISINS 90 ° / 20 PCS SHOKOL***RUSSIA230.41143,61*************

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