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DATE HS_CODE Product Description Country Gross Weight Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-01-138483405109AXIS GEAR punchers KHE 32 ART:. 315 418 320 - 10 pcs. GEAR FOR TOOL ASSEMBLY ART:. 316051370 - 2 pcs. Istrument GEAR ASSEMBLY ART:. 316057630 - 1pc. GEAR ASSEMBLY KGS 254 M, ART:. 316 060 700 - 1 piece. GEAR ASSEMBLY impact drill,Germany4.2694.26931.26493324NURTINGEN**********
2017-01-308483402900GEAR planetary gear: planetary gear the M20, POZ.43-3SHT, planetary gear M24, POZ.43-3SHT. Are mechanically transmitting rotary motion, due to its construction, within a geometrical axisChina1.381.2663PERMIAN**********
2017-01-318483908909GEAR DUPLEX, 16C02059-1SHT, 16C02060-1SHT GEAR, GEAR 20702-1SHT. GEAR ARE gears. Located in the headstock MACHINE CW6163 (4th axis) on the friction SHAFT №1, transmits the rotation from the spindle MACHINE on boxesChina6.756.597.906153846Shenyang**********
2017-01-118483908100Gears and other elements of cast steel GEAR, GEAR REPAIR KIT, consisting of the bevel gear on the axisGermany888PETERSBURG**********
2017-01-168443919900Printing cylinders - Parts and accessories of Flexographic printing press. To print by attaching HEREIN printing form (plates). IS THE AXIS impaled on a metal shaft with an axis and gears. GEARPoland47.824124.753414634SWIEBODZIN**********
2017-01-098501522001INDUCTION (asynchronous) gearmotors TRADEMARK "MCN", three-phase AC Rated power 1500W 2200 Tues. WORKING VOLTAGE 380V, 50Hz frequency current, HEIGHT ROTATION AXIS 110 MM APPLICATION PRODUCTS - gearmotorsChina928592856.1501313947Taichung**********
2017-01-188501522001GEAR DRIVE MIXER (rake) - ELECTRIC INDUCTION MOTOR PHASE ALTERNATING CURRENT ON VOLTAGE 575V, 2 HP (1.5 ITC), dominant ROTATION AXIS 15 MM ASSEMBLY WITH gear reducer, PART R67DRN90L4 / DH / RI, 1 PCSUnited States60.459.822.838461538MAGADAN**********
2017-01-148483409000GEAR (gear unit) non-alloy steel, to transmit torque from the engine to AXIS knife drive walk-behind tractor. TOTALChina26261.3Poltavka**********
2017-01-128483908909GEAR - metal disk with a central hole, outer circumference GEAR DRIVE FOR VENETS.SLUZHIT pivot axis CERAMIC TRAP IN THE MACHINE MAX LINE PR 2-2. Material: Steel.Germany0.1670.1224651.7213115PETERSBURG**********
2017-01-208483409000GEAR (gear unit) non-alloy steel, to transmit torque from the engine to AXIS knife drive walk-behind tractor. TOTALChina26261.3Poltavka**********

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