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DATE HS_CODE Product Description Country Gross Weight Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-01-192511100000Natural barium sulphate (barytes) BASO4 natural barium sulphate 95% (CAS 7727 - 43 - 7) high chemical inertness (Possible applications into a coating applied to objects EKSPLATIRUEMYE in aggressive conditions). 25 kg to manufactureUnited Kingdom3921.538750.47738580645folling**********
2017-01-252833270000Precipitated barium sulfate BASO4 (barium sulfate) as a white powder CONTAINING concentration not less than 99%. NO ETHANOL. CAS NUMBER 7727-43-7.ISPOLZUETSYA as fillers in the coatings industry. IS NOT FROMChina50300500000.505PETERSBURG**********
2017-01-178311300000BARS OF BASE METAL COATED flux for gas welding: RODS FOR BRAZING STAB 18XFC 2,0 mm Packing ART.205645 2.5 KG - 25kg, RODS FOR SOLDERING BRAZING COATED ROD 18XFC 2,0 MM PACKAGING 2.5 KG ART.205740 - 10kg, brazing rodsGermany444036.59625Kriftel**********
2017-01-233824996500Auxiliary products for foundry production: - viscous nonstick COATING FOR MOLDS AND CORES BASED zirconium silicate, "COATING S1002 / P", ART .: R1229400 - 18900 KG (MET 189 barrels COMPOSITION:. Zirconium silicate - 80% isopropanol - 15 %Austria20244191001.8578717277Chekhov**********
2017-01-258424200000Paint SPRAY E-JET2 (Art. 910014683) = 5KOMPL. For powder coatings. Date of manufacture: 2016 AIR PRESSURE 7 bar. SCOPE: applying coatings in the automotive and general engineering.Lithuania26521053.34647619Meilan**********
2017-01-258413603900Gear pumps 10SM3 (ART.910001606) = 1 piece. VOLUME, ROTARY, FROM NERZHAV.STALI. HOW IT WORKS: DOSAGE bi-component coatings. 6 bar, WITHOUT RAHODOMERA. Date of manufacture: 2016.OBLAST APPLICATIONS: applying coatings in the automotive industryFrance5.1673.721079.2553763Meilan**********
2017-01-093004900002LEK.SREDSTVA, SOST.IZ SMESH.PRODUKTOV, FOR ISP. In TERAP.TSELYAH, RASF.DLYA ROZN.PRODAZHI, YAVL.ZHNVLP (B3): TROMBOPOL tablets, enteric-coated 75 MG blister 10 №3, SERIES 21016-53760 MPS PASS to 10.18 T, barcode 5903060010802, ECVPoland96086430.763923611ISTRA**********
2017-01-093004900002LEK.SREDSTVA, SOST.IZ SMESH.PROD, for products used TERAP.TSELYAH prepacked for ROZN.PRODAZHI, barcode 5903060016811, CLASSIFICATION CODE 932400 yavl. VED (9B): valsartan-GIDROHLOROTIAZID- Akrihin tablets, film-coated 80 mg + 12.5 mg, 28 TabletsPoland1027893.853205128ISTRA**********
2017-01-093004900002LEK.SREDSTVA, SOST.IZ SMESH.PRODUKTOV, FOR ISP. In TERAP.TSELYAH, RASF.DLYA ROZN.PRODAZHI NOT SOD. IODINE OR LINK. Yavl. VED (B2) 1 200 MG DOSAGE, barcode 5903060006430, ECV 932198: TABLETS MEMOTROPIL film-coated 1200 mg blistersPoland305.6287.632.551460362ISTRA**********
2017-01-093004200002MEDICINES FOR RETAIL CONTAINING ANTIBIOTICS (VED, 8B). Fromilid (clarithromycin) TABLETS film coating 500 MG (BLISTER) 7 X 2 (paper cartons), BARCODE 3838989511647- 900 MPS SERIES ND5911, PASS TO 11 .Slovenia32.1230.156206.91371535Leshkova**********

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