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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-112935909000Pharmaceutical substance-POWDER: gliclazide (gliclazide) - BAG P / E Double 100 grams; CEP .: 14W17022817, retest DATE: 01.2022 NOT FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE FOR TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROL OF DRUGS: PACKAGED IN***CHINA0.125*************
2017-09-132935909000LABORATORY REAGENT gliclazide - white powder, CHEMICAL FORMULA C15H21N3O3S, CAS number: 21187-98-4, packaged in a bottle -1 PCS. SERIES 3828, Date of manufacture 09.06.2017, expiry date 09/2018. IS INTENDED FOR USE AS Laboratories: Labo***UNITED KINGDOM0245,58*************
2017-09-202935909000Pharmaceutical substances: gliclazide (gliclazide) SUBSTANCE-POROSHOK- 50 CG -MESHKI POLYETHYLENE bilayer (1) -BARABANY CARDBOARD - TOTAL 2350 CG GROSS WEIGHT KG with pallets 2596,200: 18130127 SERIES SERIES PASS to 04.2020 to 04.2020 18,130,132 PASS CEP***FRANCE23502831359,41*************
2017-09-302935909000Sulfonamides Pharmacopoeias REFERENCE (reference sample) USED FOR QUALITY CONTROL OF DRUG: gliclazide impurity in (EP CRS) - 3 vials of 50 mg; Gliclazide impurity F (EP CRS) - 2 vials of 50 mg; ONLY FOR LABORATORY***FRANCE0480,77*************
2017-10-022935909000SULFONAMIDY__1.0__ vials containing 30 mg of laboratory reagents "gliclazide FITNESS FOR VERIFICATION SYSTEM (GLI-SS-02) CHEMICAL STANDARD MODEL". TOTAL - 3 FLAKONA.SOSTAV MIXTURE: gliclazide (99.8%) admixture gliclazide F (EP) (0,2%). MOLECULARKRKA DD***0.01754,15MOSCOW**********
2017-10-182935909000Pharmaceutical substance powder: gliclazide (Gliclazide) - 12 BAGS P / E dual-layer 25 kg in 12 drums. CEP .: 14W17091307, retest DATE: 08.2022; NOT FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE, FOR sterile and non-sterile LEKARSTVENNYHSREDSTV _ABSENTCHINA30025500MOSCOW**********
2017-10-232935909000Pharmaceutical substances: gliclazide (gliclazide) SUBSTANCE-POROSHOK- 50 CG -MESHKI POLYETHYLENE bilayer (1) -BARABANY CARDBOARD - TOTAL 1200 CG GROSS WEIGHT PALLET WITH 1328,400 KGSERIYA 18130143 PASS TO SERIES 18130144 04.2020 to 04.2020 registers of PASSGliclazide, SERVIERFRANCE12001460569,83MOSCOW**********
2017-11-102938909000STANDARD SAMPLE (NOT FOR VETERINARY): sample only for laboratory tests. (NOT FOR DENTISTRY) .PREDNAZNACHEN for quality control of medicines. It is an ester NATURAL gliclazide.ABSENTFRANCE0.03756283,81EKATERINBURG**********
2017-11-122935909000"Prima gliclazide F", WORK STANDARD NO DRUG, POWDER, reference material for examination of active pharmaceutical ingredients, FOR LABORATORYABSENTFRANCE0.00015281,15MOSCOW**********

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