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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-013405100000Household chemical goods in aerosol packing: Paint for shoes made of suede, velor, nubuck. Used to protect and color update. COMPOSITION: DIMETHYL ETHER (over 30%), isopropanol (30%), dyes (less than 5% SM APPENDIX.), Perfumes (less than 5%)EMILIA ESTRACHINA629225027,51Tacheng Airport**********
2017-09-043401190000SURFACE CLEANING WIPES FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS The electronic industry IMPREGNATED cleaning composition in a plastic cylinder 100 PCS, tetrahydrofurfuryl IMPREGNATION CONTAINS 10-30%, 20-60% isoalkane, butoxypropanol 1-5% (100 pcs) ART.SSW10ELECTROLUBEUNITED KINGDOM3105,06VILNIUS**********
2017-09-043402120000"VARISOFT 432 CG" - organic cationic surfactants based on quaternary ammonium salts of di- (C12-C18) -ALKILDIMETILAMMONIYA CHLORIDE (50-75%) in isopropanol (20-25%) without adding preservatives, AS ZHIDKOSTI yellowish RAW MATERIALS DLYAPROIZVODSTVA PerfumesEVONIK***7085519,18BERLIN**********
2017-09-043402120000"VARISOFT 432 CG" - organic cationic surfactants based on quaternary ammonium salts of di- (C12-C18) -ALKILDIMETILAMMONIYA CHLORIDE (50-75%) in isopropanol (20-25%), no preservatives, in a liquid form yellowish raw material forEVONIK***7085519,18BERLIN**********
2017-09-042905120000Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning electronic devices and electronic components: CLEANER FOR ELECTRONICS isopropanol-based 80-100% in 1 l, Art. ISO01L - 100 pieces, pump spray 250 ml, RT. ISO01L - 240 PCS. : "HK WENTWORTH LIMITED AF***UNITED KINGDOM1601692,25*************
2017-09-042905120000Of absolute isopropyl alcohol (propan-2-ol, DIMETILKARBINOL, IPA, TRADE NAME-ISOPROPANOL), CHEMICAL FORMULA CH3-CH (OH) -CH3, as a colorless transparent liquid, SCOPE-CHEMICAL AND lacquers, GOST 9805-84, WEIGHT In GOODS: Nali***AZERBAIJAN5503360536,3*************
2017-09-043214101009COMPOSITION FOR SEALING AND SEALING Prefabricated molds and cores, pasty, is applied in the foundry industry: TAPA PLAST 41 Composition: 71% of magnesium silicate, 28% isopropanol, 7% Water, 1% ORGANICH.NAPOLNITEL FOSECO NEDERLAND BV FOSECO 200204SG 120***NETHERLANDS120268,32*************
2017-09-043208901909Set to create a protective layer: SURFACE STRUCTURE A M consists of packed together in fluids containing solvents isononane 90% and 10% organopolysiloxane, liquid containing 2-propanol, siloxanes, silicones, water, gloves, 3-EX ON POVERHNOS***SOUTH AFRICA173010,67*************
2017-09-043204170000LIQUID leak detection is made based on pigments, used to test the hermetic packaging of liquid food products for process equipment "TETRA PAK" QUALIFIER leak (isopropanol 99.8%, dye erythrosine-0.2%) 1 L UPAK***SWEDEN4.5682,09*************
2017-09-043814009000Composite solvents and thinners Organic, FOR CLEANING ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT CLEANER FOR ELECTRONICS BASED isoalkanes in aerosol containers of 200 ml, containing 60-90% isoalkanes, butoxypropanol 10-30% of ART. CLEANER***UNITED KINGDOM962160,13*************

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