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Get Lanthanum import data of Russia to view the market size, price and lanthanum market share of Russia. With the help of import data you can track trading activities of Russian importers of lanthanum.

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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-042846901000Lanthanum compounds, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium-PRODUCTS HIM.PROM-STI for scientific-research work and development of NEW HIM.VESCHESTV, NOT FOR DRUG, packed in the carton of lanthanum oxide, 99.99% (LANTHANUM (III) OXIDE, 99.99%***UNITED KINGDOM21217,88Sergiev Posad**********
2017-09-042846901000Rare earth metal compound: lanthanum (III) hydrate CHLORIDE, 99.9% (CAS â„– 20211-76-1), Cat. 100g, ART. 211605-100G-1 units, to be used as laboratory reagents. : SIGMA-ALDRICH SIGMA-ALDRICH 0***JAPAN0.1565,17schnelldorf**********
2017-09-062846901000Lanthanum compounds, not a medicine, FARM.SUBSTANTSIEY IS NOT, NOT A WASTE, NOT FOR VETERINARY NOT foods and supplements, NOT CONTAIN SOURCES OF RADIATION lanthanum chloride heptahydrate 98% for analysis, Laborie***GERMANY2.53696,65*************
2017-09-072850009000PLATE of lanthanum boride (LAB6). A purity of 99.9%. SIZE: DIAMETER 76.2 mm X 6 is used as EVAPORATION SOURCE FOR PRODUCING THIN FILMS. IS NOT waste and scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals. NOT A BUILDING raw materials, does not contain***CHINA0.07446,77*************
2017-09-083824999609Zirconia with the addition of ceria, neodymium, lanthanum, hafnium, yttrium: MELCATXZO1320 / 01; All items are in solid solution in the zirconia. Color light yellow; PHYSICAL FORM POWDER; WITHOUT SMELL; FORMULA (ZRO2) X (CEO2) Y (LA2O3) CHEM. FROM***GERMANY150044439,2*************
2017-09-112805301000ALLOY metals: misch metal (cerium) of the truncated pyramids CONTAINING CERIUM-64.77%, 35.22% lanthanum-CONTAINING PRIMISI OTHER RARE EARTH ELEMENTS: 0.01% neodymium, praseodymium-0.01% SAMARIY- ,, 0.02% iron impurities, 0.24 to SULFUR: 0.01% FORFOR, D***CHINA15008644,42*************
2017-09-203405909000Polishing slurry (composition: CERIUM OXIDE (CEO2) 10-30%, lanthanum oxide (LA202) 1-10%, OKISD praseodymium (PR6O11) 0,1-2%, 70-80% WATER) NO ALCOHOL FOR PRECISION POLISHING Optical glass on machines Chemical-mechanical polishing, P / N V2104 -SHOROXJAPAN321104,03AYASE**********
2017-09-202841690000PLATE lanthanum manganite (LA0.98MN03) on a copper base. Size: According to drawings â„–7150450.GMT is not a source of ionizing radiation is radioactive. It is used as evaporates SOURCES FOR SPRAYING***CHINA8.583282*************
2017-09-252204217800WINE AND PROTECTED appellation of origin "Lanthanum" Languedoc CATEGORIES PDO PINK DRY 2016 / Y, grape., Nature., B / QUALITY, QUIET, crepe. 13.5% vol., B / MAR In STEKL.BUT.EMK. 0.75l, BUT ALL. 4 samples for certification: "LES CRU***ITALY5.615,38*************
2017-09-258113009000Cathodes from CERMET (lanthanum hexaboride) FOR ELECTRO-beam welding, D * 6 1.5 MM. Coreless, uncoated Total 100 PCS. Supplied for research purposes. : WUXI NOBLE ELECTRONICS CO, LTD WUXI NOBLE ELECTRONICS 0.***CHINA0.027000*************

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