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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012208307100Whiskey Scotch, Blended, crepe. 40% ON 1L, 918,120 CLASSIFICATION CODE: PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH - RUT 600, 150 CDF.. 12 Booth, only 1,800 BUT WITHOUT excise stamps labeled "FOR duty free shop" (ONLY FOR DUTY FREE):.. THE CLAYMORE - 240 BUT***GERMANY2610.37620,71*************
2017-09-042208304100MALT WHISKEY BLENDED "PARKERS FINEST" KREP.40% in STEKL.BUT. 1 liter, 12 pcs in KART.KOR.PO, CLASSIFICATION CODE 918 102 -. 1800 PCS. PARKERS FINEST 1/40% JAMES PARKER SCOTLAND LTD PARKERS PARKERS 720***FRANCE2659.510910,43*************
2017-09-052208307100Whiskey Scotch, Blended, IN 1L, 918 120 CLASSIFICATION CODE: PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH crepe. 40% -. 360 RUT, 80 BCD. 12 Booth., 5 CDF. BUT ON 6. TOTAL 990 Booth., 360 Booth. The IND. KART. . UPAK, without excise stamps labeled "FOR DUTY FREE SHOP: TRADE"***LATVIA1494.553646,32*************
2017-09-052208307100WHISKEY BLENDED SCOTCH CODE OKP 918120. crepe. 40% EMK. 1L: MACARTHUR'S SCOTCH WHISKY-348 RUT, ROYAL PARK WHISKY-900 RUT, PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH-1056 BUT, SCOTT ROYAL WHISKY-1092 Booth. 283 CDF. 12 Booth. Is labeled "ONLY FOR DUTY FREE:".***ARMENIA4954.212766,17*************
2017-09-262208307100Whiskey Scotch, Blended, crepe. 40%, IN 1L, 918 120 CLASSIFICATION CODE: PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH - 10 Booth, 1 Cor.. IN 10 BUT., 74 CDF. 12 Booth 898 ALL BUT WITHOUT excise stamps labeled "FOR duty free shop" (ONLY FOR DUTY FREE):.. PARKER***UNITED STATES1289.843611,93*************
2017-09-272208307100WHISKEY SHOTLAN. Blended. (....... MIXED whiskey OF FORMULATION MANUFACTURED ACCORDING Scotland malt whiskey ADDED Scotland grain whiskey distilleries MANUFACTURED BY TIME DIFFERENCE) strength of 40% PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH 40% 1L - 300 RUT. EMK. 1 l 12 pcs. IN TO***ITALY462.51443,79*************
2017-09-292208307100BLENDED WHISKEY MISCELLANEOUS, in containers holding 2 liters or less. All bottles are labeled "DUTY FREE SALES ONLY": PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH 40% 1L TOTAL 36 PCS capacity of 1 L. alcohol content of 40%. TOTAL amount of pure alcohol 14.4 TOTAL 36 L ANGUS DUND***FRANCE55.5170,87*************
2017-10-022208307100Whiskey Scotch, Blended, IN 1L, 918 120 CLASSIFICATION CODE: PARKERS FINEST SCOTCH crepe. 40% -. 360 RUT, 116 CDF. 12 Booth., 2 Cor. BUT ON 6. TOTAL 1404 Booth. 12 Booth. The IND. KART. Cat., Without excise stamps labeled "FOR DUTY FREE SHOPPARKERS***2135.425904,97Nehoteevka**********
2017-10-062208307100Whiskey Scotch, Blended, CLASSIFICATION CODE 918120: MAJOR GUNNS SCOTCH crepe. 40%, IN 1L - 360 Booth 190 CDF.. 12 Booth., 10 CDF. BUT ON 6. TOTAL 2340 Booth., Without excise stamps labeled "FOR duty free shop" (ONLY FOR DUTY FREE)MAJOR GUNNS, MACARTHUR'S, PARKERS, LAUDERS, KING ROBERT II, ​​ROYAL PARK***3747.548554,54Nehoteevka**********

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