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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012840199000Sodium tetraborate (Sodium tetraborate) (NA2B4O7 * 10H2O) The contents of the main-BA 101.9% Used as a mordant in dyeing, BATCH NUMBER 0123, CAS 1303-96-4, DATE OL-VA 02.2017, 02.2019 SHELF LIFE, packagi. In bags of 25 kg 3 pallets: veso***GERMANY30002040*************
2017-09-012931908009Organic and inorganic compounds, CAS â„– 143-66-8, is not a medicine, FARM.SUBSTANTSIEY IS NOT, NOT A WASTE, NOT for veterinarians, non-food products and additives of sodium tetraphenylborate GR FOR ANALYSIS ACS, REAG. PH EUR Laboratory***GERMANY0.09305,04*************
2017-09-013811900000ADDITIVE "SUPPLEMENTAL COOLANT ADDITIVE (SCA)", prevents corrosion and mineral deposits, antifreeze FOR COOLING SYSTEM DIESEL DVIGATELEYBUTYLKA 1L, COMPOSITION - petroleum distillate (86%), sodium nitrite (4%), sodium tetraborate ROIS***NETHERLANDS26.89129,84*************
2017-09-033402209000DETERGENTS FOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES: Cleaners (as tablets) in a blister In IND.KART.UPAK, IN TABLE 10 / Upack COMPOSITION:... 4.5% anionic surfactant, 35% potassium monopersulfate, MONOHYDRATE 15% sodium perborateKRUPS***0.39639,9MOSCOW**********
2017-09-032840191000Tetraborate pentahydrate DISODIUM (non-hazardous waste), Industrial analytical systems: buffer solution TECHNICAL PH 9.21, PLAST.PAK.30X20 ML COMPOSITION: salts of boric acid (tetraborate pentahydrate Disodium WATER SOLUTION -BURA CLEARED***SWITZERLAND18.15753,91*************
2017-09-032840199000DISODIUM tetraborate (non-hazardous waste), Industrial analytical systems: Buffer solution pH 9.18 NIST / DIN, PLAST.FLAK.250 MLS STATUS: salts of boric acid (tetraborate decahydrate DISODIUM) in aqueous-Bura CLEAN (NA2B407 * 10H2O***SWITZERLAND0.8444,2*************
2017-09-042840110000DISODIUM tetraborate anhydrous, 99% (CAS â„– 1330-43-4), Cat. 500g IN ART. 221732-500G-1 units, to be used as laboratory reagents. : SIGMA-ALDRICH SIGMA-ALDRICH 0***JAPAN0.5753,8schnelldorf**********
2017-09-042931908009Organic and inorganic compounds: Sodium tetraphenylborate (CAS â„– 143-66-8), Cat. 50g, ART. 72020-50G-1 units, to be used as laboratory reagents. ARE NOT DRUG AND Pharmaceuti. Substances. NOT FOR Veterinary Medicine. H***JAPAN0.09174,73schnelldorf**********
2017-09-042931908009Organic and inorganic compounds: sodium tetrakis (4-fluorophenyl) borate dihydrate (CAS â„– 207683-22-5), Cat. 500mg IN ART. 72016-500MG-7 units to be used as laboratory reagents. ARE NOT DRUG AND Pharmaceuti. : SUBSTAN***JAPAN0.171997,78schnelldorf**********
2017-09-062835310000DEZOKSIDANT MARKS METALFORM T (deoxidizing POWDER) is a homogeneous fine-dispersed WHITE POWDER -50-75% sodium tripolyphosphate with addition INCLUDING: WATER -10-25% sodium tetraborate, orthophosphates, 3-6% ORGANIC polymerase: PO***HUNGARY2000053489,38*************

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