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Find trade data and market research report on leather imports under HS Code 2208 and follow up market price of leathers. Know market share of companies importing leather under HS Code 2208

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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012208601100VODKA BELUGA, in the range. TOTAL 2130 PCS, for goods inscription "FOR DUTY-FREE SALE ONLY" Vodka BELUGA NOBLE 0.5L 40% (PLU 286407) Vodka BELUGA NOBLE LEATHER SET 0.7L + 3 SHOTS (PT 3) 40% (PLU 716,959) Vodka BELUGA NOBLE TWIN PACK 2H1L 40% (PLU 8***UNITED KINGDOM383046398,89*************
2017-09-142208601100VODKA, crepe. 40% 918 100 CLASSIFICATION CODE: BELUGA IN 0.5L - 36 Booth 3 CDF.. 12 Booth., 10 CDF. BUT ON 6. 3 CDF. ON 4 Booth. TOTAL 108 Booth. : BELUGA VODKA TRANSATLANIC RACING IN 0.7L - 18 RUT, BELUGA VODKA GOLD LINE IN LEATHER GB FOR 0.7L - 6 RUT, BELUGA CELEBRAT..***RUSSIA200.653153,4*************
2017-09-192208601100VODKA, crepe. 40% 918 100 CLASSIFICATION CODE: BELUGA software 0.5L - 12 RUT, BELUGA VODKA TRANSATLANIC RACING ON 0.7L - 6 RUT, BELUGA VODKA GOLD LINE IN LEATHER GB software 0.7L - 6 RUT, KOR 1.... 12 Booth., 2 Cor. BUT ON 6., Just 24 Booth. OJSC "Mariinsky Distillery***ABKHAZIA36.4689,73*************
2017-09-222208601100Vodka in a gift box LEATHER "KREMLIN AWARD VODKA" ART. 1029980 C alcohol concentration of 40 vol.%, In bottles of 0.7 liters. -36 PCS. : JSC "MOSCOW DISTILLERY" CRISTA KREMLIN AWARD 0***FRANCE82.51196,98*************
2017-09-282208601100Alcohol products - VODKA BELUGA: VODKA Booth. Glass. (BELUGA NOBLE 40% 12 / 50CL), ALCOHOL 40% in RUT. (Pcs.) 0.5 liters of vodka in BUT.STEKL. (BELUGA GOLD LEATHER GIFT PACK 40% 6 / 1L), 40% ALCOHOL In RUT. (Pcs.) 1 L of vodka in RUT. Glass, in the set -. BUT TWO PCS. IN 1L,***SWITZERLAND213.332584,83*************
2017-09-282208201200COGNAC prestigious COLLECTION In Giftwraps "HARDY LE PRINTEMPS OR SPRING", The crystal decanter CAPACITY 0.7 L., C. CONCENTRATION ON ALCOHOL 41% -. 1 PCS (CARAFE HAND PLACED IN BOX round leather with a pedestal, in a box. LIES Diza: dH***FRANCE3.75346,35*************
2017-10-092208601100VODKA, crepe. 40% BY 0.7L, 918,100 CLASSIFICATION CODE: BELUGA VODKA ALLURE IN LEATHER GB - 6 RUT, KOR 1.. BUT ON 6., In the Indus. KART. Cat.BELUGA***12.75311,47MAPP FUN Voznesenka**********
2017-11-132208601100VODKA, crepe. 40% CLASSIFICATION CODE 918 100:.. BELUGA VODKA ALLURE IN LEATHER GB software 0.7L - 6 RUT, BELUGA NOBLE GIFT SET FOR 1.0L (. C METAL spoon CALF) - 24 RUT, BELUGA NOBLE GIFT SET (in set 1 RUT . IN 1.0L, 0.05L 1 BUT ON.) - 36 sets, 5 CDF. IN 6BELUGA***200.571468,76Sugi**********
2017-11-282208601100VODKA, crepe. 40% 918 100 CLASSIFICATION CODE:. BELUGA VODKA ALLURE IN LEATHER GB ON 0,7L - 6 RUT, KOR 1. BUT ON 6., In the Indus. KART. Cat.,BELUGA***12.75266,95MAPP Matveyev Kurgan**********
2017-11-302208905400TEQUILA "CHIME Mujeres" / "TRES MUJERES", OBEM.DOLYA ET.SP. 38% W, 4 to 24 KOR.H glass. RUT. 18 + 1 KOR.H glass. RUT. EMK. 0.25 LV Leather sheath, TOTAL BOTTLES - 114"TRES MUJERES"MEXICO80.71307,02MOSCOW**********

Our leather import data of Russia and market research report covers market priceof leather and market share of Russian companies. This helps you to do market analysis on the basis of price, company, etc. efficiently and gain knowledge on market size of leather in Russia. Few shipment records with a small number of important columns from Russia import data of leather are given above. Other hidden fields such as Russian Importer Name with Address, Foreign Importer Name with Address, Value, Quantity, Origin & Destination Country and more are also covered in Russia customs data of leather. To view more shipment records of leather import data of Russia, you can set a filter by Country Name, HS Code and Place.

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