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DATE HS_CODE Product Description TrademarkCountry Net Weight Statistical Cost Place Shipper NameConsignee Name
2017-09-012833300000HROMOKALIEVYE alum (K2SO4CR2 (SO4) 3X24H2O), NOT FOR MEDICINE, NOT FOR VETERINARY SCIENCE, CONTENT CR2O3 15.26%, NOT the food indus-TI, approx. For tanned leather, CAS 7788-99-0, BATCH NUMBER 1706 DATE Prospect Island 06.2017, 03.2018 SHELF LIFE, packagi. BAGS: ON***GERMANY250525*************
2017-09-042827398500ZINC CHLORIDE (ZINC CHLORIDE ANHYDROUS), ZNCL2, OSN.VESCHESTVA WITH MAX. 98.00%, NOT for food industry, used for curing leather, bags on pallets WEIGHT 30.00KG .: ZINC CHLORIDE ANHYDROUS ZNCL2 NUMBER CAS 7646-85-7, NUMBER EC 231-5***GERMANY25003975*************
2017-09-042825901900Calcium hydroxide (calcium hydroxide) CA (OH) 2, in powder form, MAIN SUBSTANCES CONTAINING 97.6%, PRIM. In the leather industry, in bags on pallets WEIGHT KG .: 40.00 CALCIUM HYDROXIDE CA (OH) 2 contains. Important in-BA - 97.6% NUMBER CAS: 1305-62-0,***GERMANY40001520*************
2017-09-042827398500ZINC CHLORIDE (ZINC CHLORIDE ANHYDROUS) ZNCL2, CONTAINING OSN.VESCHESTVA MIN. 98.00%, NOT for food industry, used for curing leather, bags on the pallet: ZINC CHLORIDE ANHYDROUS ZnCl2, NUMBER CAS 7646-85-7, NUMBER EC 231-592-0, DATE***GERMANY250455*************
2017-09-072833220000Aluminum sulphate pellets, commercial names KEMIRA ALG 0,5-2,5, in bags of 35 kg IS NOT INTENDED food additives: cleaning domestic water and industrial applications for use in paper, textile, leather ***FINLAND136503402,81*************
2017-09-082835390000Sodium hexametaphosphate (sodium polyphosphate) TECHNOLOGY, HIM.FORMULA (NAPO3) 6 * H2O, CAS â„– 68915-31-1, Base substance content (P2O5) -68.2%, USED In the textile industry, leather industry, in the F / D AND INDUSTRIAL powerplant:, In***CHINA5000051500*************
2017-09-182842100008Double or complex silicates, INCLUDING aluminosilicates whether or not chemically COMPOSITION AND OTHER: Supplements for the leather industry CORATYL G (special products for tanning). Packed in 20 kg bags., Chem.***GERMANY100153,66*************
2017-09-182833220000Aluminum sulfate: DRASIL AL - auxiliaries for leather and FUR ON THE BASIS aluminum sulfate 90-95%, DESTINED FOR tanned skin, apply in the leather industry, packed in 25 kg bags, CHEM.. COMPOSITION: aluminum sulfate 90-95***GERMANY10001394,37*************
2017-09-222842100008CORATYL G. TOTAL 500 kg 25 bags of 20 kg 1 pallet. INDIVIDUAL INORGANIC SOEDIENENIE - sodium aluminum silicate as a white powder. APPLY leather industry for tanning leather. DOES NOT CONTAIN ethyl alcohol and ozone-depleting: VESCHE***TURKEY500809,23*************
2017-10-012832100000TECHNICAL sodium metabisulfite, CHEMICAL FORMULA NA2S2O5 .__ 1.0__ CAS NO: 7681-57-4.S CONTENT concentration not less than 97% .VNESHNY TYPE: WHITE POWDER-crystal. It is used as a bleach in textile, leather and industrial CHEMICALABSENTCHINA270009720ST PETERSBURG**********

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